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Tunes of Tears: Explore Our Sad Song Playlist

There are a lot of diverse songs out there. However, a sad song brings out the most sensitive feelings to the surface. Therefore, most musicians produce such songs and the listeners love it. Moreover, Pakistan has a large collection of sad songs within the music industry too. For instance, sad music includes songs like Asim Azhar’s Jo Tu Na Mila and Afshan Zebi’s Bewafa Se Dil Laga Kar. These tracks make one feel less lonely in their plight.

Furthermore, the regional musicians are also producing new sad songs. Additionally, various songs are mostly sad love songs since they leave a long-lasting impact on the listeners. For instance, there are many amazing tracks of Naseebo Lal. Her all-time hit tracks are Dhol Bedardi, O Beqadra Wada Karke and Ankhiyan Da Rona. These songs have powerful lyrics which can easily ignite hearts. All of these tracks are also imbued with mesmerizing music.

Urdu sad songs

urdu Sad Songs

Presently, there are abundant Urdu sad songs in the music industry. A lot of emotional songs can be found in Pakistani dramas these days. On the contrary, some solo tracks are also quite popular. Thus, there are new sad songs like AUR’S Tu Hai Kahan, Asim Azhar’s Dard, and Reshma’s Lambi Judai. All of these tracks have earned millions of views on YouTube. Urdu melancholic music captivates listeners through their meaningful lyrics.

Furthermore, the best sad song is always the one which leaves a listener shaken up. Thus, Soniye is the finest work of Asim Azhar. Its lyrics describe a serious heartbreak. Moreover, the music is an added charm to the song. It is one of those sad love songs which can melt any heart. It is one of those Pakistani sad songs that have earned 11M+ views in less time frame. Moreover, the video showcases pop culture and has various graphic effects. Thus, it appeals to modern fans.

Another great addition to the sad music is the ghazal, Husun Wale Wafa Nahi Karty. This sad song of Saira Naseem has already won 187K+ views on YouTube. It is a splendid combination of traditionally upbeat music and sweet vocals of the singer. On the contrary, the lyrics are full of irony. Its bitter sweet words sting at first but then resonate on even deeper level. The song is on that makes one want to hit sad songs download button instantly.

There are many wonderful Urdu sad songs in the industry. However, Amanat Ali’s Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi is not just meaningful but soft on the ear drums. The artist’s calm voice makes the song come to life. In addition to this, the lyrics beautifully criticize life in a mild tone like it’s a person. Thus, this sad music could bring a smile to any face. The track is a part of Amanat Ali’s album, “Teri Yaadon Maein Gum The”.

Moreover, best Pakistani sad songs must include Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyar. The song is a master-piece sad song of Sajjad Ali. Furthermore, this track is a tribute to renowned Indian playback singer, Mohammad Rafi Sahab. It is a part of Sajjad Ali’s “Golden Collections, Vol. 2”. And the lyrics shed light on the lover’s longing wish to meet his loved one. What’s more, the musician has delivered the song in his same soothing vocals– the most charming attribute of the singer’s sad love songs.

Punjabi sad songs

paunajbi sad song soad dil da

These songs mostly crowd sad song mp3 download sites. These tracks range from old classics to modern upbeat songs. For instance, Noor Jahan’s Sanu Nair Wale Pul te Bula Ke to Coke Studio’s Pasoori are quite popular. However, Punjabi sad music has a charm of its own. The music and composition make those songs stand out. Some of the top Punjabi songs include: Sajan Bewafa, Souchta Hoon Ke, and Zindagi.

Presently, a lot of melancholic songs are produced in the music industry. Nehaal Naseem’s Beqadra is also one such Punjabi sad song. The central idea of the song showcases a terrible betrayal. The song clearly displays the artist’s efforts poured into this song’s composition. Moreover, the music video of the track perfectly relays the whole story behind this remorseful song. It is one of the new sad songs which has taken the spotlight.

In addition to this, another renowned Punjabi sad song is Pardesi. Abrar Ul Haq’s composition has won over 14M+ views on YouTube alone. In 2004, the song was released which is part of the album, “Nachaan Main Odhay Nall”. The song showcases how life turns upside down when one member of a family in a village goes abroad. Thus, the theme of the song revolves around the feeling of homesickness. Such tracks make fans hit sad song mp3 download multiple times.

The playlist of sad love songs is incomplete without Rog Lagaya Ishq Ka. Shazia Manzoor sang this sad song in her serene vocals. Moreover, her “Romance” album has produced this track. The song has perfect synced music and its lyrics are also spot on. The lyrics convey the negative impact of being in love.  On the other hand, the artist’s other popular songs include Tu Badal Gaya Sajna, Kangna, and Hauli Hauli.

Pashto sad songs

Mazighar-Pashto sad songs

There are a lot of Pashto sad songs being produced recently. Any sad song in Pashto always seems to carry a traditional touch to it. Nonetheless, many Pashto songs out there are sad love songs.  Each of these tracks narrate a sorrowful tale in the artist’s serene vocals. Some renowned tracks include Afshan Zaibe’s Bewafa, and Karan Khan’s Da Stargo Tora. These songs not only promote Pashto culture but also the regional music.

One of the new sad songs is Janaan Neshta. It was produced recently in 2022. Moreover, Shah Farooq is the artist of this remarkable track. The music is quite calm, soothing and dominated by the music of the flute. Moreover, the song has earned itself 28K+ views on YouTube alone. What’s more, the track is a Ghazal, therefore its folk essence is evident. Shah Farooq’s other songs include Zrah Raka, Pa Ishq Ke Tawaani, and Yow Shaista Bal Ikhlaqi.

The song, Zakhm E Dil Chupa Kar Royen Gai is an amazing addition in Pashto music. Afshan Zaibe’s fine composition is quite visible in the lyrics. It is one of those Pashto sad songs which have upbeat music. The vocalist’s sweet voice adds another level of glory to the song. The music of the drums could lift up anyone’s mood. Furthermore, the song was released in 2015 and has won over 1.8M+ hearts already.


To conclude, the world would seem dull without some melancholic music. Thus, a sad song is always present in every language out there. Primarily, Urdu sad songs are abundant in Pakistani industry. The best ones include Soniya, Husn Wallay Wafa Nahi Karty, Tujhsey Naraz Nahi Zindagi, and Aaja Tujko Pukare Mera Pyar. The musicians have skillfully composed these, embedding diverse themes and storylines in them. Secondly, Punjabi music carries its own charm as well. Songs like Beqadra, Pardesi, and Rog Lagaya Ishq Ka are quite popular.

Furthermore, Pashto sad songs are also no less creative. These carry a tinge of Pashto tradition in them. Moreover, Janaan Neshta is a new trending song, released in 2022. And Afshan Zaibe’s Zakhm E Dil Chupa Kar Royen Gai is a perfect song is to change anyone’s mood. All these tracks open a wide path for regional music lovers. What’s more, no music is as deeply felt as a sad song. Therefore, listeners everyday click on sad songs download button.

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