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Soulful Renditions: Naseebo Lal Greatest Hits

The Pakistani music industry is frequently flourishing. Moreover, many old Pakistani songs have been transformed through the art of remakes. This is new best way to preserve the local music in Pakistan. Legendary works of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, Gulam Ali, Noor Jahan were reproduced through renditions. About half of these songs fall under the category of Punjabi songs. Moreover, Naseebo Lal has risen to frame through her traditional renditions.

Furthermore, she is one of the leading folk artists. Aside from this, she has a command on other regional languages as well. Which include: Pashto, Urdu, Saraiki and Marwari. Additionally, Naseebo Lal songTu Jhoom ruled over 70M+ hearts on YouTube alone. On the contrary, she and Bohemia collaborated on new Punjabi song– Wohi Dil. It has received 30K+ fans on Spotify. However, it was released in 2023. The following renditions make up her greatest hits.

Gin Gin Taare

Gin Gin Taare

Naseebo Lal as an artist has released about 100 albums. Moreover, Naseebo Lal has earned herself 563K+ monthly listeners. Therefore, her other famous tracks include Mildi Ay Mahiya Ek War, Sanu Phul Na Janvi, and Zakham Jigar De. Thus, many download music and break Naseebo Lal mp3 song download button. Moreover, she has elevated classical Pakistani songs of the music industry. Her exceptional singing makes her stand out.

What’s more, the best artist produces emotionally powerful music. This characteristic is present in Naseebo Lal’s songs. The Punjabi songs are her specialty. Thus, she stunned the fans when she came up with this track, Gin Gin Taare. Originally, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan composed Gin Gin Taare Langdiyan Raatan. However, Naseebo Lal and Ali Faraz collaborated together to release this song. In 2016, when the song came out, the artist was on cloud nine.

Mere Rashke Qamar (Extended Version)

Mere Rashke Qamar

This is another one of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s master-pieces. Naseebo Lal and Junaid Asghar jointly recreated this famous track in 2017. It has successfully gained 11M+ views on YouTube. However, this song has been frequently used for remakes. The original lyrics of Mere Rashke Qamar are quite mind-blowing. Thus, it is also an ideal song for any singer who has Naseebo Lal’s soulful voice. Such compositions make one to play youtube music often.

Teray Qadmon Main Bikhar Jaane Ko

Tere Kadmon Mein Bikhar Jane Ko

Naseebo Lal has also made renditions of Noor Jahan’s songs. This song is part of the album “Mera Pyaar Bewafa Ae”. It consists of 15 songs in total. Moreover, she sang this popular ghazal in Programme-Mehfil (1999). It was broadcasted on Pakistan Television Lahore Centre. Furthermore, the original composition had also made many people download music instantly. Similarly, Sille Sille Nain, and Tenu Keta Se Mei Pyar make up the best Naseebo Lal mp3 songs to listen.

Mein Ronwan Tenu Yaad Kar Ke

Mein Renu Tenu Yaad Karke

This Naseebo Lal song was a tribute to the legendary Qawwal (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan). She released this song in 2021. So far, the track has got 19K+ views. However, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan received 1.9M+ views now on this track himself. Thus, it is another famous addition in local music of Pakistan. Moreover, the lyrics showcase intense emotions of betrayal deeply felt. Thus, Naseebo Lal enhanced the melancholic nature of the song through her beautiful vocals.

Lat Uljhi Suljha Ja Re Balam

Lal Tujha Jhyah Mein Di

Naseebo Lal upholds her Rajasthani roots. And her goal has been to promote talents of her region. Moreover, she even planned to open an institute designed for young musicians. Therefore, their songs can shine on international platforms as well someday. Since, she feels that she must emerge as their sole voice. The world needs more artists like her who uplift others. Furthermore, Naseebo Lal mp3 songs invite more people to play music who enjoy serene songs.

This Naseebo Lal song was Noor Jahan’s finest work of art. It was one of those tracks which brought her under the spotlight. Nonetheless, it was another Noor Jahan’s track which she sang in 1999’s Programme Mehfil. Furthermore, it falls under the Indian Pop and ghazal category in local music in Pakistan. Besides this, Naseebo Lal composed many others. For instance, Jadon Is Duniya Tun, Kam Pey Gaya Ae, and Judaiya.

Mera Tan Mann Pyasa

Mera Tan Man Pyasa

Mera Tan Man Payasa Ve was original work of Noor Jahan. However, Naseebo Lal’s version is Mera Tan Man Pyasa Channa Ve. Moreover, it is one of Naseebo Lal mp3 songs that have won 88K+ hearts. Most people say that Naseebo Lal’s voice is quite similar to Madame Noor Jahan. Thus, this song has made the music streaming in Pakistan, the most crowded place. Furthermore, these Pakistani songs can be used in weddings and parties as well. Since, the track is loud and upbeat.

Allah Di Sonh Tu Naein Disda

Allah Sanu Tu Welda Hej

This song was recently released in 2023. It is one of the Punjabi songs that makes one lost in its melody. Nonetheless, the whole track is in the perfect harmony. Since, Naseebo Lal’s vocals and the music of the flute together cast an enchanting spell over the listeners. Originally, this Noor Jahan’s song adds a lot of traffic to music streaming in Pakistan. Thus, this Naseebo Lal song has instantly reached 2K+ views on YouTube.


To conclude, Naseebo Lal is a well-known folk artist. Her songs have changed the dynamics of music streaming in Pakistan. The singer has contributed her renditions of mostly Noor Jahan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan songs. Since, she is gifted in the art of vocalization. Thus, most of her renditions are greatest hits of local YouTube music in Pakistan. Nonetheless, she sang many of Nusrat Ali Khan’s popular tracks. For instance, the release of Gin Gin Taare was true honor for Naseebo Lal. Another best track was Mere Rashke Qamar (Extended version) that has won 11M+ fans over already. Mai Ronwan Tenu Yaad Kar Ke marks the end of the finest songs of the legendary Qawwal, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Aside from the legendary Qawwal, she also sang Madame Noor Jahan songs. Primarily, they include Mera Tan Mann Pyasa – a song of the finest craftsmanship. It is also an amazing track for weddings and parties or other events. Next, initial tracks: Teray Qadmon Main Bikhar Jaane Ko and Lat Uljhi Suljha Ja Re Balam brought her fame. Finally, Allah Di Sonh Tu Naein Disda is her recent Punjabi song that is rising to fame. Afterall, she is well-known artist of Pakistan.

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