Muharrram Special: Nohas And Manqabats

Muharram Specials: The Best Collection of Nohas and Manqabats

It’s the time of advancement of Muharram 1446 AH. Therefore, it is the time for Noha and Manqabat Imam Hussain. These compositions constitute of Muharram specials. In this sacred month, form a playlist full of emotional Manqabats and Nohay. It is the beginning of Islamic New Year. However, it is also the start of extreme grief. As it marks the greatest tragedy ever that fell upon Muslim world. It’s time you learn more about it and collect the best of the best kalams to spend your Muharram 2024. In this way, you will be able to revive the tragic incidents of Karbala in a fresh perspective through our finest collection.

Muharram Specials: Noha collections

Noha Collections

1)   Zehra Ke Ghar Mein Matam

Ali Hamza is a talented vocalist. He is well known for producing renowned Naats, Nohas and Manqabat collections. The artist is also skilled in both Punjabi and Urdu compositions. Moreover, he has released many Muharram specials. His finest Nohas constitute of Ye Chand Muharram Ka, Shah E Mazloom, and Sada Sakina. This Muharram 2024, you can listen his Shukriya Ya Hussain. It recently came out and melted thousands of hearts.

Zehra Ka Ghar Me Matam

His Noha, Zehra Ke Ghar Mein Matam came out last year. It has swept away the hearts of 158K+ fans. The lyrical composition narrates the tragedy happened with Hazrat Ali (R.A.) as he sacrificed himself to showcase the best example of bravery while performing the prayer. Additionally, this mp3 nohay download  highlights how the household of Fatima (R.A.) fell prey to extreme sadness. Furthermore, Fatima (R.A.) had a nickname of “As-Zehra” (lady of light). However, this Noha talks of how every member of her family sacrificed themselves and enjoyed the beverage of martyrdom showcasing their bravery.

2)   Main Baali Sakina (R.A.) Hoon

It is another soul-stirring masterpiece of 2019. In addition, it is one of the most emotional Nohay by Farhan Ali Waris. His serene vocals could light up a flame of faith in every heart. The vocalist has elevated his status through many religious works. He is widely popular reciter of Naat, Noha, and Manqabat. Furthermore, his golden gems include, Ali Ali Haider, Aaj Zainab Yateem Ho Gai, and Ayyam E Hussain.

3)   Taaruf Rehan Azmi Ba Zuban

Nadeem Sarwar brought out this special introduction. He is Pakistan’s renowned Noha and Manqabats’ reciter. Apart from this, his Nohay mp3 download numbers are rising day by day. His finest gems include, Izhar O Tashakkur Baraye, Abbas Jo Zinda Hai, and Sham E Gareeban Zainab Tanha. Such works are a true stamp of quality in his art. Moreover, Ali Shanawar and Ali Jee are also carrying on their father’s legacy. Thus, their trio Muharram specials also receive heaps of appreciation.

Taruf Zehra Ka Me Be Zuban

Rehan Azmi was a man of letters. He was also skilled in poetry, Nohas, and Marsiyas. Nadeem Sarwar’s Taaruf Rehen Azmi Ba Zuban introduces him to the world. This is a recording which describes the traits of Rehan Azmi and how Noha writing has won him the title of “Rehan Azmi”. Furthermore, thanks to Nadeem Sarwar, Rehan Azmi will live on in the hearts of his fans after his death in 2021. The prolific had also broken Guinness World record for fastest poetry writer of 1997.

4)   Way to Karbala

This Noha was released by Ali Shanawar. It is quite different than what he usually brings out. Way to Karbala is completely recited in English. Nadeem Sarwar gave the central idea of this work. Moreover, the Noha depicts a spark of adventure as the young men march towards Karbala. Their hearts overflowing with zeal to reach Imam Hussain’s (R.A.) shrine on foot. Besides, the artist brought out brilliant other works including, Qaid Khaney Mein, and Zahra Terey Gulshan Ka.

5)   Abbas Sughra Se Kaho

Irfan Haider is an experienced Noha reciter like Nadeem Sarwar. He has been composing Nohay and Manqabats from a tender age. Moreover, the artist has a huge fandom. Therefore, most of his compositions receive millions of views. Additionally, his emotional works include, Azadar, Ali (A.S.) Rehbar, and Sakina (S.A.) Yaad Ayegi. His works also speak directly to his listeners. Due to this, people stream or go for Nohay mp3 download. The artist has the power to leave an everlasting impact.

Abbas Sughra Se Kaho

Irfan Haider produced this Noha in 2018. Abbas Sughra Sey Kaho narrates how Bibi Fatima Sughra (R.A.) shows a desire to go to Karbala. However, she is declined and asked to stay home instead, being ill. Furthermore, the narrator sheds light on how her father enlists the difficulties they might face in a new place. Hence, it is one of those mp3 Nohay which feels like a heartbreak. Especially as the events of Ashura fall into the view.

Muharram Specials: Manqabats

Manqabats 2024

1)   Janaam Fida-e-Haideri

Amjad Baltistani’s name falls under the category of finest vocalists. He is an emerging Noha and Naat reciters of Pakistan. Moreover, he has released masterpieces like Man Kuntu Moula, Ali Moula Ali Moula, and Wah Hassan Sabz E Qaba. Furthermore, Amjad Baltistani presented a tribute to the innocent martyrs of Army Public School attack. It was a well-received track under the title of Main Khuda Ko Bataunga. The artist’s heart-melting productions have admitted many into his fandom.

Janam Fida - E - Haidiri

Janaam Fida-e-Haideri came out in 2021. It is quite popular work that deems as one of the Muharram specials. Moreover, the artist’s soft vocals make the listener lose themselves in the work. This Manqabat speaks of Hazrat Ali’s (R.A.) fine personality. Amjad Balistani sheds light on how Prophet (S.A.W.) is the heart and Ali (R.A.) becomes the chest. Nonetheless, the same composition has been made into numerous renditions.

2)   Nad E Ali

There is a powerful supplication. It is known as Nad e Ali. It is believed that this divine prayer came through Angel Jibraeel. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and his army could not pass through the strong fort of Khaybar. So, the arch Angel advised to call upon Hazrat Ali (RA). It was no surprise that he lived up to his name. Therefore, brought down the fort and the army went ahead. Thus, the supplication passed on within Muslim world as a beacon of light.

Additionally, there are various renditions incorporating this prayer. It also falls under the category of Manqabats. As it sings the praises of Hazrat Ali’s (R.A.) bravery. However, Asghar Ali Bangash has presented a version of Nad E Ali eloquently in Pashto. The vocalist’s mellifluous voice surrounds one completely. It is one of Manqabat Mola Ali that stirred fans in 2022. The artist’s other masterpieces constitute Mera Zikr Ya Ali Mola, Mola Reza Jan, and Jab Imam Ayenge.

3)   Ali Lajpal Moula Ali

Ali Lajpal Ali Moula

Another one of Muharram specials include a Manqabat by Hassan Sadiq. Ali Lajpal Moula Ali has captured thousands of hearts. In addition, it perfectly depicts the shining persona of Hazrat Ali (RA). Furthermore, the vocalist is famous for production of a large canon of Noha collections, and albums of Manqabat Mola Ali. He is also famous for his fine vocals and command on his regional language.

4)  Ya Ali  Maula

This Manqabat recently released in 2024. It contains the mellifluous voices of Sibtain Haider and Zulqarnain Haider. Just like Nad e Ali Manqabats, it is gaining popularity too. It creates a festive atmosphere as it came out for Eid-e-Ghadeer. Therefore, it celebrates the appointment of Hazrat Ali’s (R.A.) as the successor of the Prophet (SAW). Similarly, Sibtain Haider has also produced Manqabat Imam Hussain, Humsy Mola Hussain Pyaar Kartay Hain. So, add his works to your playlist of Muharram specials.

Ya Ali Ali Moula

Final Words

In conclusion, this blog brings you a list of Muharram specials. There are many remarkable works like Nohay by Farhan Ali Waris and others. The best Noha collection includes, Zehra Ke Ghar Mein Matam, Main Baali Sakina (R.A.) Hoon, and Abbas Sughra Sey Kaho. Then, Way to Karbala has a touch of modernism as young Muslim explore their faith. Lastly, Taaruf Rehen Azmi Ba Zuban mentions the achievements of Rehan Azmi, a legendary Noha khuwan.

In addition to Nohay, there are many profound Manqabats as well. There are renowned artists who have produced these melodies of praise. Therefore, this blog mentions the best Manqabats by artists like Hassan Sadiq. Janaam Fida-e-Haideri, Nad E Ali, and Ali Lajpal Moula Ali beautifully describe specific qualities of Hazrat Ali (RA). Finally, Ya Ali Ali Moula sheds light on the biggest moment in Islamic history. So, tune into these masterpieces this Muharram.

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