Music Streaming in Urdu Language

Music Streaming in Urdu Language

Wouldn’t you listen to music if it’s in your native language? Having a platform like that, who wouldn’t stream online? On top of that, do you get a free platform with free mp3 songs? Speaking of music, is an online streaming platform that offers you music in high audio quality, free access to the biggest music library, a user-friendly mobile app, and many other features?

Pondering on exclusivity, this platform is unique since it has music streaming in more than nine regional languages of Pakistan including Urdu as the official language.

The Urdu language has gained popularity since it has features that make it different from any other language. Some of the characteristics that have made the Urdu language gain popularity over the last two decades are listed below:

Urdu Language – Mother Tongue of Pakistan

Urdu, being the mother tongue of Pakistan and understood by 95% of the Pakistanis, this language has gained popularity worldwide due to the diversified and elegant choice of words usage. So far, the music industry all over Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace.

Thus, a number of popular and trending songs all over the world are from Pakistani local artists. More local artists are producing music in the Urdu language and obviously getting fame.

Urdu Literature – Heart of Pakistan

Urdu Literature – Heart of PakistanUrdu Literature or mostly known as ‘Urdu Adab’ has been famous since the beginning of time, even before India and Pakistan were not separated. This language is diverse and mostly dominated by poetry which was later on converted into Urdu songs and is listened till the date.

Urdu Adab is the legacy of Pakistan and poetry written in Urdu by all the great writers is still used in folk songs and relished by the people of Pakistan.

Urdu Music Streaming Platforms

Urdu Music Streaming PlatformsAnother reason Urdu is gaining acceptance worldwide is that over the last 20 years, many platforms in Pakistan or several running from abroad (but owned by Pakistani people) are established. It has given Urdu language gain more fame. Many trending songs such as ‘Pasoori’, ‘Mere Rashke Qamar’, Pardadari, and many other Urdu songs in 2022 are sung by Pakistani Artists in Urdu.

Local Pakistani Artists

Local Pakistani is not just about streaming music online. Well, it provides a platform for all the content creators of Pakistan to have their music live on Koyal. Not only Urdu songs are famous but many Pakistani artists have gained popularity worldwide who started in Pakistan and have still trending songs in the Urdu language.

Despite all of the facts, due to search engines not being able to optimize the Urdu language, this will still be a drawback for the language.

Urdu Songs Playlist

Urdu Songs has created an Urdu song playlist for you where you can enjoy listening to mp3 music online. However, you can listen to new Urdu songs by popular and trending artists that may include a variety of songs or mix collections of music in various categories such as wedding, dance, sad songs, love & romantic songs, retro tracks, etc.

You may also find one of the renowned names on Koyal Pakistan. Listen to online party Urdu songs in mp3 and mp4, all Pakistani Urdu Artist Songs, and famous Urdu songs download in high audio quality. More songs will be added to the Urdu songs’ playlist at Koyal PK soon. Tune into and listen to Urdu songs playlist by popular artists…


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