Discover How Much Artist Get Paid by Music Streaming Services

There are many music streaming services in this digital world. Such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and so on. However, these music services play a crucial role in an artist’s life. Since, these platforms generate revenue for the artist as well as their affiliated record labels. Thus, it is vital to know how much does an artist make on Spotify or other such platforms. So, it may open a vast array of opportunities for the artist online.

What’s more, there is an increasing populace of music lovers. This directly increases demand of music distribution services as well. Therefore, artist should be familiar with various streaming services to compare music streaming services. This will help to find out the best service for each artist as per their needs. Furthermore, such music streaming services also give exposure to the artist. Then, this can be cashed in to increase the income gradually. Following benefits result from using the right streaming platform.


A well-known platform making impression over the virtual landscape with more than 3.8 Billion regional songs, folklores, and melodies. Although, people love Koyal because they get to listen almost all of their favorite language’s songs and kalams. They range from Pakistani Pashto songs and Sindhi Sufi Kalams to Punjabi folklores and Balochi melodies. Which doesn’t only share the regional music of Pakistan to the world and helps artists earn for their creativity as well. So, while you are listening the best crafts of the regional artists, they are not only communicating to you. But also, they are getting paid for their hard work, dedication, and collaborating with Koyal.

Apart from that, this platform of regional music of Pakistan is ever-evolving. You cannot only get online stream or listen to your favorite music, Kalam, or Noahs. But also, you may have the accessibility to create your own playlists and download your favorite songs to listen offline. In short, Koyal is such a music platform that is preserving the multi cultures of several regions of Pakistan in more than 14 languages while creating a space for all the music lovers.

   2. Spotify

Spotify is a well-known music streaming service. It provides its listeners with a vast array of songs in diverse genres. Moreover, many have known Spotify as one of those music distribution platforms that puts up the best ranking charts. However, this Swedish company also has other things in store. It also offers podcasts, and radio stations. In addition, it also acts as a video distribution service provider with has music videos as well. In short, the platform offers numerous songs too.

Nonetheless, it is one of the finest choices available for the artists. If you are wondering how much does Spotify pay per stream? Then, the answer is Spotify pays little more than Amazon Music pays. It pays $0.00318 per stream to its artists. Furthermore, it also increases a song composer’s popularity. It is made possible through their music distribution services like playlist recommendations. This is how Spotify caters the needs of its artists.

   3. Apple Music

Apple Music is an American company. Moreover, it is constantly in competition with Spotify. So, a question that usually pops up is how much does an artist generate revenue on Apple Music as compared to Spotify?  This will make it easy to compare streaming music services for an artist. The answer to this is that Apple Music pays $0.008 per stream. In addition, this platform provides better audio quality to its users that brings in more listeners. Therefore, Apple Music pay per stream better than Spotify and provides more fames. Thus, it works well for both the musicians and its users.

   4. Amazon Music Unlimited

Being one of the music streaming service giants, Amazon Music has expanded its horizons. This platform came into being in 2007. Moreover, this music distribution platform has a lot in store for its users. Be it music lovers or the music producers, Amazon caters to needs of all. As for the music listeners, it has the best Pakistani hits in several regional languages. Due to this, music lovers don’t only listen to their favorite regional language melodies. But also, they enjoy the vibe of different cultures. Whether you are online streaming of Balochi Bhangra, enjoying Punjabi song download for offline pleasures, or cleansing your soul through Sindhi Kalams. Amazon has it all!

However, there are different streaming services for artists. First of all, the artist needs to download the Amazon application. Secondly, the artist may earn a streaming pay of $0.00402 per stream. Additionally, the song composers also get extra benefits like paid mechanical and performance royalties. The “collection societies” let artists collect their royalties when any user makes a use of their work taken from varied music services. Thus, Amazon Music facilitates its users well.

   5. TIDAL

TIDAL’s foundation was established in 2014. It was developed by Block and Aspiro. Furthermore, it is popular among music streaming services. This is because it has highest streaming pay set for its artists. It pays $0.01284 per stream. Additionally, TIDAL also generously pays royalties to its musicians. This sheds light on how much TIDAL offers than Apple Music pay per stream. Therefore, it’s a safe haven for musicians everywhere.

   6. SoundCloud

SoundCloud has a huge library of 200 million tracks. Additionally, it also offers a large variety of local and regional tracks. These regional tracks are blended with Pakistani Pashto songs, Sindhi cultural melodies, and the topmost of all, Punjabi Qawwalis. Nevertheless, SoundCloud is also one of the best music streaming services that promotes artists nationwide. It diligently works with emerging artists, giving them a huge platform to promote their music. On the contrary, it pays $0.0025- $0.004 per stream. Which signifies that it pays more to its musicians unlike how TIDAL or YouTube pay per stream.

   7. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the joint product of Google and YouTube. It is often used for listening to music and acts as a video distribution platform. Additionally, this platform is a commonplace for people of all ages. So, it has a large audience among its users. Due to this, YouTube Music for an artist becomes the best path to instant glory. On the contrary, it pays the musician $0.002 per stream. Hence, it is best for fame but not financially recommended.

   8. Pandora

Sirius XM is the parent company of Pandora. Astonishingly, this American company was founded two decades ago. However, it is known for providing organized stations and personalized music. Moreover, U.S. artists can upload their content easily. Conversely, artists around the globe can use music distribution services like RouteNote to upload their work. Additionally, Pandora pays $0.00133 per stream. However, YouTube for artist is better than Pandora. As it uses old user interface and is quite behind than others in many ways.

   9. Deezer

Deezer is one of the best music streaming services based in France. It is actively working in 180+ countries since its launch. Furthermore, it pays $0.005 to $0.007 to its musicians. Therefore, Deezer is better than YouTube for artist. This is due to Deezer’s lossless audio quality as well. Besides this, Deezer is also free for music lovers. It also has a wide range of songs in store. Therefore, one can even find international tracks as well.

Although, using Deezer is completely free. However, there are some specific needs where users need to create an account to download or stream online the regional songs or premium melodies. Let’s take an example, if you are willing to listen some specific Arabic melodies, looking for Pashto song download, or set the vibe with some Sufi kalams in your sittings. Deezer is the platform that can help you. In short, Deezer doesn’t only care about its users with listening experiences. But also, it lets you download your favorite melodies and listen it anywhere anytime without having access to the internet.

   10. Qobuz

Qobuz is also another music streaming service. It went live in 2007. As for its song writers, it pays $0.004390 per stream. Hence, it pays more than YouTube pay per stream. Conversely, it is not free yet, it provides 100 million tracks to its users. It also offers many international songs. However, it does not showcase emerging artists’ tracks like Shazmaan Khan. Still, it is one of the best music streaming services for lossless audio.


Summarizing the whole content, this blog post has discussed all the best music streaming services through which artists get paid. Throughout the complete blog, the artists may analyze all the streaming service providers and make sure which pays them the best. Moving with the blog’s narrative, we got to learn some of the best music streaming services. Such as, Koyal – the biggest for the regional music lovers. Spotify – which is well-known for the top Punjabi songs download and streaming. Although people use TIDAL and other platforms to download and listen online Pushto songs. However, Spotify still rocks with the extensive list.

On the other hand, if we talk about the other music streaming services providers. Then we have mentioned Apple Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Pandora, and more. Why? Because they have been great enough to searching and playing the regional songs that echo the cultural stories. Nowadays, people who either want Pushto song download and stream online. All they need is to hit the search bar of the above-mentioned platforms. Furthermore, searching and listening the artists creativity has become easy due to the advent of modern music streaming platforms. For instance, if you want to download or listen Shazmaan Khan songs online, then you can just visit YouTube. The extensive library of YouTube music will let you listen the melodious voice of this new music artists.

All in all, we have discussed how these platforms pay their music artists and how they are beneficial for even the music listeners. Now is the time, you – being the music artist make the right choice while sharing your music and getting paid.

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