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The Voice of Tradition: Arif Lohar’s Musical Journey

Some artists are born to change the world. Such musicians could emerge from anywhere. Therefore, Arif Lohar is one such shinning gem. He followed  the footsteps of his father to pursue music. He rose to fame as Arif Lohar Jugni due to his debut track. Moreover, this song made him known even across the borders. Hence, long drive and Arif Lohar ke gane make everything perfect. Many of his tracks are blooming with life.

Additionally, He has made his mark in the industry. He has produced numerous compositions of Indian pop, Ghazal, and Naats. What’s more, he is known to use a traditional instrument, “Chimta” (tongs). Most of Arif Lohar songs are accompanied with this signature instrument. And he has released many brilliant songs for both films and dramas. Thus, many fans click on Arif Lohar songs mp3 free download links. Yet, his musical journey is full of fascinating tracks such as the following.

Spirit of Sufi Music

Spirit Of Sufi Music

He is a living legend in the music industry. Primarily, Jugni – his song brought him true fame. This song came out in 2006. Furthermore, Arif Lohar Jugni song has won about 33M views already. What’s more, the song is a part of the album, “Jugni”. However, this album came out in 2010. The song was quite popular. It was also used in “Cocktail” – a Bollywood movie. After that, the fandom expanded with 39M+ views on YouTube alone.

Additionally, Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty is a rendition of Sufi kalam. Sufi poet, Sultan Baho composed this Sufi poetry which then, was used by numerous artists. Besides, Arif Lohar song, Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty came out of the “Jugni” album as well. Although, there are various renditions, this song got fame through Coke Studio’s platform. Thus, Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi’s duo has conquered 95M hearts.

Glorious Naat Collection

Glorious Naat Collection

There is a vast collection of Arif Lohar’s Naats as well. Just like Arif Lohar ke gane, his Naats have won millions of hearts too. For instance, Mere likh wasiyat khaghaz te gathered 17M fans in his fandom. Besides this Arif Lohar Naat, the artist has also produced more spiritually enlightening compositions. These include, Nabi Nabi Ya Nabi Nabi, Madine Tur Chalye, and Salla Alah Muhammadin.

Additionally, Arif Lohar Naats are finest addition to the music industry. One of his Naat, Main Aaqa Tere Rozay Da Milad. It has received immense appreciation of 7M views. Moreover, the official video uses traditional background music. The artist has delivered this Naat in deeply meaningful Punjabi verses. Such heartfelt compositions make fans to go on Arif Lohar songs free download sites. Similarly, the singer has produced more grandiose Naats as well like Saray Sher Madinay Jawan.

Festive music

Festive Music

The artist has also brought out other religious tracks. Therefore, there are not just Arif Lohar Naat compositions. He has elevated the significance of some Islamic events through his compositions. For example, Aaj Aa gai Raat Mehraaj wali sheds light on the whole event of “Al-Isra Wal-Mi’raj”. Thus, this informative composition brings the history to life again. Such tracks have made people to click on Arif Lohar mp3 songs free download button. Due to this, the official track has got 8M+ views already.

Another amazing composition is Rabba Mereya Lekhan Vich. This Arif Lohar song is quite religious in essence. Moreover, it was presented for the occasion of “Shab-e-Barat” or the “Night of forgiveness”. The track came out in 2022 and won over 896K+ hearts. The artist poured his heart out into this song. Such fine master pieces are a great addition in the local music. These works also uplift the musical game of the Pakistani industry.

Nourishment for Ramadan

Nourishment For Ramadan

What’s more, the artist also produced something for Ramadan. For instance, His composition, Roza Rakh Te Wacha Musalla came out in 2020. This special composition won many hearts out there. It’s deep lyrics as well as tune stirs one up completely. Besides this, Arif Lohar also brought out Bakash De Mera Khuda. It came out in 2020. Such works made fans go on Arif Lohar songs free download site. What’s more, this Islamic composition has got thousands of views on YouTube.

Top Hits

Top Hits

The singer recently released a pop song in 2023. Aa is a joint collaboration of Arif Lohar, Roach Killa, and Deep Jandu. This trio of singers brought this track on top 20th place in global rank. This Arif Lohar new song is filled with loud and up-beat music and funky lyrics. Thus, it has already captured 60M+ views on YouTube. Such tracks can transform any artist’s music journey. The lyrics talk of luxuries of life that the lover wants to give his loved one in the life.

He has released many popular tracks too. Therefore, Bol Mitti Deya Baweya is another one of Arif Lohar songs. Moreover, the track is part of his album, “Dhol Waj Da”. This track was released in 2015. However, it rose to glory when Arif Lohar performed it live at 2016’s Virsa Heritage Revived. Thus, it captured 7M+ hearts. What’s more, it is a special composition since Alam Lohar had produced the album of the same name.

Another pop song is Tika Mathe Utte Sajda Ay. It is a famous wedding song. The upbeat music and Punjabi mesmerizing lyrics have stolen the central stage. This track came out in 2022. It is best for any wedding event. And can instantly bring the whole event to life. It is another great addition to local music. Arif Lohar’s most songs have been well appreciated. Thus, even this track has got thousands of views.


To conclude, Arif Lohar’s songs are quite captivating. First of all, Jugni was artist’s hit debut song. Moreover, Jugni, and Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty are his finest Sufi compositions. Arif Lohar has also produced many popular Naats as well. These include, Mere likh wasiyat khaghaz te, and Main Aaqa Tere Rozay Da Milad with millions of views. The singer has also delivered many religious songs in his music journey too. Aaj Aa gai Raat Mehraaj Wali, and Rabba Mereya Lekhan Vich, to name a few.

Additionally, Arif Lohar also brought out Ramadan specials. These compositions were to shed light on various vital aspects. For instance, his Punjabi master piece, Roza Rakh Te Wacha Musalla. And he also composed Bakash De Mera Khuda. Besides this, Arif Lohar new song, Aa is quite popular. It is globally trending on 20th place. Furthermore, his other pop songs include, Bol Mitti Deya Baweya, and Tika Mathe Utte Sajda Ay. The artist is an extraordinary talent in the Pakistan’s music industry.

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