Legendary Coke Studio Pakistani Artists You Must Listen To

Coke Studio first launched in Brazil in 2007. However, the very next year, Coke Studio Pakistan was established which displayed quite astonishing results. Apart from this, Coke Studio is spread out in 13 different countries too. So, its franchises are in U.S.A., Africa, Bangladesh, and Philippines. The whole idea behind this reality show was to bring forward new talented vocalists into the limelight. Thus, it is playing a key role in promoting the music industry in general.

On the contrary, Coke Studio in different countries bore contrasting results. For instance, Coke Studio India operated from 2011 till 2015. Recently, in 2023, it made a comeback with entirely new look and approach. Although, Pakistan’s Coke Studio has set the bar quite high. Due to this, today Coke Studio songs stand as the hallmark of fine quality. Additionally, it enjoys the success of 15 seasons at present.

Besides, Coke Studio was the first platform of its kind in Pakistan. Yet, the Coke Studio Pakistan has become an epitome of greatness. This is all thanks to Rohail Hyatt, Nadeem Zaman, and Xulfi who took it to new heights of glory. Moreover, Coke Studio’s each season is packed with brilliant compositions and mellifluous voices. Due to this, Coke Studio songs have millions of views on YouTube. So, here are all the legendary names from the Coke Studio’s halls of fame.

Coke Studio’s Dreamy Voices

1)    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

The Qawwali King has even Coke Studio under his magic spell. Since, Rahat Fateh Ali khan has been actively singing on Coke Studio since its season 1. He has produced many masterpieces like Garaj Baras, Rang, and Heeray. Nonetheless, his Season 9’s Afreen Afreen has secured 504M+ hearts till now. Additionally, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan‘s tracks from other labels are also quite popular like his Coke Studio songs. These remarkable tracks include, Zaroori Tha, Rab Jaane, and Zindagi.

2)    Atif Aslam

The living legend of Pakistan is Atif Aslam. And hardly, anyone could replace him in the battle of music. As an artist, he is solely the one whose every composition has received over a million of likes. He has tried classic, pop, and a few other music genres as well. Furthermore, his expertise got double adulation through Coke Studio’s platform. He has performed in most of its seasons till the season 14th.

In Addition, Atif Aslam’s serene vocals has elevated his status. Moreover, he has contributed a mountain of golden tracks. In the light of Coke Studio, he brought out Tajdar-E-Haram and Man Aamdeh Am. Both of these gems won over 511M+ and 126M+ fans on YouTube alone. Furthermore, he has produced fine Urdu, Punjabi, and even Pashto songs. GO, Sajan Das Na, and Channa are some of the best examples.

3)    Abdul Hannan

Abdul Hannan is a prominent name in the Indie music. He has produced diverse glorious tracks like Bikhra, Siyah, and Iraaday. Furthermore, he is the jack of all trades as well. Due to this, he has been a producer, song writer and singer of his songs. His compositions have even made it into Spotify’s top charts. Thus, he was the most celebrated Indie musician for 2023.

In addition, Abdul Hannan has taken a huge step in his life.  He has ventured into the world of Coke Studio. So, now his soulful voice can be heard this year on Coke Studio season 15. The famous indie artist collaborated with the band, Kaavish on O Yaara. The work is already 7th trending music video on YouTube. It has even admitted 12M+ fans into its fandom. The song is perfect blend of soft music and heart-melting lyrics.

4)    Abida Parveen

Coke Studio has both Qawwali king as well as the Sufi queen. Therefore, Abida Parveen has stolen the spotlight on numerous occasions. Her works never fail to impress us all. Moreover, she has appeared multiple times on Coke Studio Pakistan. And unlike other vocalists, she has worked in both collaborations and solo. For instance, Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal captured 77M+ hearts with Tu Jhoom. Additionally, Balaghal Ula Be Kamalihi was her renowned single composition. Her other hits consist of Ishq Mein Tere, and Ghom Charkhkra.

5)    Kaavish

The band, Kaavish came into being in 1999. Jaffer Zaidi and Maaz Maudood played to the unground society of music before emerging to the surface. Their debut album, “Gunkali” was released in 2008 with the most popular track, Bachpan. It was followed by more hit tracks from the Coke Studio platform as well. They jammed well the season 4 with Nindiya Re and season 10 with Faasle. Currently, they also made an appearance in Coke Studio season 15. The band is like made for producing the best music.

6)    Faris Shafi

Faris Shafi is the name of excellence in the domain of bold music. He is a skilled rapper and social worker at heart. The vibrant vocalist aims to remove all the weeds from the society with the magic of melodies. Furthermore, he knows the industry like the back of his hand. For he has produced many Urdu and Punjabi songs. He is also a big name in Urdu rap music. Nonetheless, he is a remarkable actor.

Apart from this, he frequently displayed his singing skills on Coke Studio. Most of his works were collaborations with other fine artists. However, each of his Coke Studio songs always hit the target, right on the mark. Therefore, he has brought out Ye Dunya, Cricket Khidaiye, and Muaziz Saarif just last season of the reality show. Similarly, his song, Blockbuster is the seventh song out of eleven expected tracks of this Coke Studio season 15. Already, it has taken 9.5M+ music lovers by a storm.

7)    Sajjad Ali

He is the legendary voice in the Folk music realm. Sajjad Ali is perfect embodiment of fine musical experimentation. He has juggled between the various music genres and showcased extraordinary compositions. The singer’s various masterpieces are the part and parcel of life of those from the late 90s. Babia, Cinderella, and Chief Saab are among his unforgettable works. Nonetheless, his Dil Todne Wale and Lagaya Dil has won over half the world of music enthusiasts.

On the other hand, he set the Coke studio on fire too. Therefore, he has made an appearance on many of its seasons. For instance, Sajjad Ali performed Kirkir Kirkir in season 4 and Tum Naraaz Ho in season 7. Moreover, he took over Coke Studio season 15 again after a break. His song, Chal Chaliye is a serene song, blended with nostalgic vibes and a modern message. Together with Farheen Raza Jaffry, they captured 10M+ hearts instantly.

8)    Zeeshan Ali

Zeeshan Ali is another shining star of the pop music. He is a talented artist from Lahore. In addition, he possesses the singing and song-writing skills. Furthermore, his popularity is evident from 371K listeners on Spotify alone. The singer recently took up the opportunity to perform in Coke Studio season 15. And as expectedly of his singing prowess, his collaboration with Star Shah on 2AM song won 14M+ fans over. Nonetheless, his usual songs also cross over a million viewership.

9)    Gul Panra

Gul Panra is the prominent celebrity of Pashto music. She is full of zeal, passion and has a beautiful voice that could charm anyone. She kickstarted her career in 2010. During this timeframe, she brought out the golden gems of Pashto music. These includes, Larsha Peshawar, Mazigar, and Tappy. Moreover, this singer did not stop there, she even conquered more people through her Coke Studio songs. Therefore, Rasha Mama, Hawa Hawa, and Man Aamadeh Am have successfully reached out to millions out there.

10) Naseebo Lal

Naseebo Lal is a legendary folk singer. She has a strong command on multiple languages, Urdu, Punjabi, and Marwari. Additionally, her top songs consist of Medley, Jine Tukde Hone Dil De, and Tu Bewafa. Besides these, Naseebo Lal has captivated millions of fans through Coke Studio Pakistan as well. On the contrary, the previous season’s Tu Jhoom has gone completely viral, crossing over 77.9M+ fans. Thus, her tracks are perfect for just anyone with a great taste in music.

Last Words

To sum up, this blog brings you the remarkable artists of Coke Studio Pakistan. Their viewership will soon be out of this world as it is growing at the speed of light. Among these, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Sajjad Ali, and Gul Panra were frequent ones on this famous show. Moreover, Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal instantly stole the spotlight through their joint work, Tu Jhoom. Whereas, Zeeshan Ali and Abdul Hannan just stepped into the Coke Studio’s world in season 15. Apart from these two, Faris Shafi, and Kaavish also gave brilliant performances recently on this on-going season. All in all, the Pakistani music industry has never seen so much progress neither did any other Coke Studio franchise. Its like Coke Studio and Pakistani musicians were destined to work together.

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