Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali: The Iconic Voice of Pakistan

To become a legend means immense dedication and polishing your talent. Sajjad Ali is an exemplary embodiment of this. He developed a taste for music early on. His songs have made him an iconic voice of Pakistan. One his tracks, Har Zulm (2013) alone exceeds to 41M+ views now. Furthermore, he was already familiar with the industry because of his family ties. And he had a burning passion for making music.

Apart from this, he began to build his career after completing intermediate. Primarily, Sajjad Ali mastered the art of classical music. Later on, he also produced pop music. He is also an actor, poet and musician based in Karachi. Besides this, he is a film producer, and a director. The artist gave diverse classic, pop, and rock songs to the music industry. Thus, his songs became top trending ones amidst the best Pakistani songs.

Early Fame

Early Fame


Sajjad Ali first appeared in Athar Shah Khan’s “Aap Janab”. And “Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics” (1979) was his first released album. This album received a lot of praise from the people. On other hand, he also gave a performance in Rag Rung program (1980). He was also part of other television programs. Thus, he emerged as a young artist in the world of music.

In addition to this, PTV’s stage show brought him true fame. He filled the atmosphere with his soft, youthful voice, singing Noor Jahan’s Banwari Chakori. However, later on he composed “Babia” song himself. That was his greatest achievement in his career. In 1993, “Babia 93” album song was released. Presently, this song has 99K+ Spotify listeners amidst mp3 songs of Sajjad Ali.

Classical music Journey

Classical Musical Journey

Sajjad Ali had emerged as a classical singer. Initially, his uncle trained him in classical music. Besides his 1979 hit album, he released other classical songs such as, Chal Rein Dey (2006). These songs still hold a significant place in music in Pakistan. In 2018, the singer posted his video singing Shola Tha Jal Bujha Hoon. It was original work of Mehdi Hassan and received 2K likes, instantly.

Transition to Pop music

Transition To Pop Music

Furthermore, he comes from a long line of musicians. His brothers were also musicians. However, pop music attracted him most. Hence, he released Sajjad Ali Sinsym Fligh, combining both Jazz, and folk beats. This unexpected innovation is the reason why many download mp3 songs of Sajjad Ali. His other song, Kir Kir has won millions of hearts as well.

In addition to this, Sajjad Ali collaborated with Bohemia for the first time. The outcome was Tamasha (2017), among the best Sajjad Ali mp3 songs. The upbeat music, rapping, and funky lyrics forms the composition of the song. Other popular albums include Cinderella (1995), Sohni Lag Di (1999), and Chief Saab (1995). Today, there are about 20 albums out there. Aye Dil Walo Pyar Na Karna, Qarar, and Jadoo are most popular tracks.

International recognition

International Recognition

Sajjad Ali fans in Pakistan are abundant in numbers. On the contrary, people across the border   have recognized his talented voice as well. Indian rapper Honey Singh also praised his song, Lagaya Dil. The Nation reported that the rapper said, “Simple but deep poetry” regarding the song. Other than Honey Singh, Shreya Ghoshal also complimented on Sajjad Ali’s another song. The music and the lyrics of Pardes had enchanted her.

Moreover, his live concerts and performances are full of life. In Pakistan, his maintained soft, and  low pitch voice is admired. These are some of the reasons why Sajjad Ali songs have been always trending in music world. Recently, Sajjad Ali gave a spectacular performance with the song Cinderella.  He won over the crowd at Dubai Pisa Awards in 2021 with his upbeat song.

Name in Film industry

Name In The Film Industry

Sajjad Ali’s father had made his name in acting career. So, his familiarity with film industry is nothing new. On another hand, he has other expertise on his hands too. He directed films like “Love Letter” (1989), and “Aik Aur Love Story” (1998). Furthermore, following in his father’s footsteps, he even took up acting. In short, he has many skills up his sleeve.

What’s more, he composed many songs. For instance, “Bol” – feature film song, and “Naa Tum Jaano Na Hum”, and “Sunn Leyna” – drama songs. These songs made most fans hit Sajjad Ali mp3 download and fall under a magical spell. An artist like him surely deserves a name carved in golden letters. He has not just been a great classic and pop singer but also a remarkable film director.

Other Master pieces

Sajjad Ali also created many amazing tracks. On YouTube, his track Ek Tu Na Mila has alone got 5.5K+ views. The music is calm and can make anyone a music addict. Al;though, the lyrics are melancholic, yet his vocals ensure that the tune gets imprinted on one’s mind forever. Other songs like Samjhota Ghamo Sey Kar lo, Raat Aur Din Diya Jale, and Dil Todne Wale make fans press Sajjad Ali songs mp3 download button quite often.

Nonetheless, Sajjad Ali Songs have got him “Sitara-E-Imtiaz” in 2019. He was given this award in the best singer category. Coke Studio’s production, Tera Naam song created multiple ripples. This track has got over 1.4M+ views on YouTube. The musician has sung this romantic song in perfectly soothing vocals. Aside from this, Sohnra O Sohnra, Ehsaan Tera, and Tera Jana Dil  are other remarkable works of his.

Collaborative works

While Sajjad Ali’s singles have received massive limelight, his partnership has proved fruitful as well. First of all, he sang Man Mar Jaye Na, a drama original soundtrack of 2016 with Hadiqa Kiani. Next was his duo with Bohemia in 2017. Many fans loved Tamasha song, making it a major hit. It was a track that was a product of exceptional lyrics and creative rapping. Thus, the song pulled the right strings.

Other than these, he also performed a few times with his daughter – Zaw Ali. He recorded the song, Ronay Na Diya (2018) in Coke Studio. Although, his on-stage performance at MusicMela in Islamabad was unforgettable. He had left the crowd truly amazed with the song Tum Naraz Ho. The video of the song even got 42K+ views. Both the artists showed off their remarkable vocals and won their audience over.


To sum up, there could be no one like the legendary musician – Sajjad Ali. He started his career as young as a teenager with classical music. Slowly, he developed a taste for making upbeat pop and rock music as well. Astonishingly, every song that he released became a hit song instantly. His family background being involved in music was also a blessing. He even tried acting sometimes like his father. And his brothers taught him a lot, being musicians themselves.

In addition to this, his voice possessed an incredible characteristic. It was calm, soothing, and evergreen song. This is another reason why many of his tracks like Tamasha, Cinderella, Chal Rehn De, Chief Saab, Aye Dil Walo Pyar Na Karna and so on. He was also film director, producer and composed songs for films and dramas in his career. Although, most Sajjad Ali songs are solo ones, yet his duo with others have also brought him immense fame. Therefore, he is an iconic voice of Pakistan.

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