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Progress must not come to a halt. This is only possible when new ideas and technological advancement go hand in hand. Keeping this in mind, our site is back with a new look and a handful of unique features. Koyal is already well known for being the first regional music platform in Pakistan. It has a vault of numerous songs in nine regional languages. Thus, listen to serene melodies in Urdu, Punjabi, and other languages.

However, Koyal provides you with the best visual experience now. It has created a new world filled with short music videos, fascinating movies, and shorts for fun-size jesting. Additionally, you can have a cinematic feel from the comfort of your home. As we offer you HD movies. Moreover, our site gives you the splendid experience of Karaoke as well. So, now you can host a party and sing-along to your favorite songs through our site.

The Fascinating Features

1)    Mega Movie Experience

There is a vast range of available movies. In addition, the movies featured come in the perfect HD quality. Therefore, these create a fantastic cinematic experience. So, you can easily have a fun-packed movie night at home. Furthermore, you may also enjoy these movies in your own language too: whether be it Urdu, Punjabi, or whichever. Interestingly, there are family-oriented movies along with action filled ones too. Set up your cushions, sit tight to the screen, and enjoy your favorite movie.

Nonetheless, the movies are overflowing with vibrant songs and display exceptional acting skills. And a refreshing delivery of locally spoken dialects like Punjabi, Saraiki, and Urdu. There is a regional background, local performers, and brilliant talent on the display. Moreover, these movies are over two hours long. These include, “Aas”, “Adal”, and “Bewafaa” to name a few. So, get yourself popcorn, set-up your laptop, and let the premium visual quality take over your screens. Enter into the wonderful world of uniquely scripted storylines.

2)    Entertaining Shorts

Explore the whole site in a quick succession. As Koyal brings you “Shorts”. So, you can grasp everything at a glance. These include, absolutely random yet appealing clips. Furthermore, it showcases what kind of musical treasures we have in store for you. There is serene Pashto song of Gul Panra, and mesmerizing religious compositions as well. So, visit our “Home Page” and click on “shorts” in the middle of the site. And catch a glimpse of everything we have in store for you.

3)    Karaoke Scene

One of the newest features is the introduction of Karaoke. It was the brilliant innovation of a Shigeichi Negishi – a Japanese entrepreneur. His initial design had few circuits, and a car stereo that was attached to a microphone. However, gradually others perfected his creation and commercialization began as well. Among others, Daisuke Inoue became a big name through his version of the primary idea. Karaoke simply means “empty orchestra”.

The modern world however, has furnished the idea. Today, the jukebox machine could be installed within a room. So, there are specific areas within restaurants allotted for Karaoke. However, our site offers you an online experience of this. Therefore, the lyrics will appear on the screen in front of you. The remaining will be a pre-recorded music with the finest audio mp3 quality that you will need to sing to. It is great to enhance familial feelings and spend quality time with friends.

4)    Mind-Blowing Music Videos

It is another cool tool among the other features. Additionally, the most preferred feature among the masses. There are all your favorite genres like romantic, pop, and emotional religious works. Moreover, you could have enriched music video mp4 experience in HD. Therefore, visually live through the emotions of the song and surrender yourself to the beat. Apart from this, you have soul-stirring compositions at your disposal as well.

Additionally, there are prominent artists’ music videos on the platform. So, you will find Mushtaq Ahmed Cheena, Malkoo, and Zeeshan Khan Rokhri. Their finest vocals and video performance will leave you speechless. To think you can get this supreme quality of video mp4 is a huge plus in HD for free. Thus, it is like having a Pakistani version of YouTube in terms of features.

5)    Troops of Tracks

Primarily, our site started off as the sole platform of local melodies in Pakistan. It still dominates with over 9+ languages and millions of tracks. There are the best hits of Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, and Hindko languages. Moreover, Koyal gives one the access to a glorious library of music genres too. Be it Pop, Qawwali, Folk, or even Patriotic music, to name a few. What’s more, there are top hits of legends like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Noor Jahan, and Mehdi Hassan.

Besides these, all the jewels of religion are kept safe in Koyal’s nest too. Among these gems lay, Hamd, Naats, Nohay, and Manqabats. Apart from these, the site allows you to maintain the balance between worldly life and the life of Hereafter. Therefore, it has Qur’anic Surahs with clear audio mp3 translation, and supplications (Dua’as) as well. There are vital Dua’as to keep you well prepared for the rest of Ramadan. Thus, it is there to meet your maximum needs.

Last Words

To sum up, has underwent a remarkable transformation. Therefore, the whole site has been renovated. And it has introduced some fine features to take your entertainment to completely new level. Therefore, our site brings for you Movies, Shorts, Karaoke, and a vast collection of songs under the Audio section. Nonetheless, it has all these facilities available for you in Balochi, Hindko, and other regional languages. To top it all, there is crystal clear audio and picture-perfect pixels to give you exceptional experience of music and movies. Therefore, the site merges the locally produced content with western styled entertainment. Hence, leading to rank as the number 1 site to provide finest regional content in Pakistan.

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