Top 5 Music Streaming Platforms You Should Know About!

Top 5 Music Streaming Platforms You Should Know About!

Are you looking for a music streaming service or a platform? Well, you have got plenty of choices. While, they all give you access to millions of songs, there are numerous other factors that determine why people choose one service over another. There are many music streaming platforms functioning in Pakistan such as Patari, SoundCloud,, Saavn, etc. often factors might include audio quality, ease of use, the app ecosystem, music discovery features and pricing.
Reading further in this blog will give you top 5 music streaming platforms that are ranked on the basis of quality. So, let’s get started:

1. Deezer

You might have heard a lot about this platform – Deezer. On the positive side, you get offline listening and unlimited skips. The have great audio quality however, a downside is that the selection of songs is limited with only 2 million tracks which is pretty less when it comes to a music streaming platform. The music selection is wide but its advance plan is paid. So, if you want access to wide range of music, you will have to pay for it.

This music streaming app is available in 120+ countries worldwide and is quite popular in Pakistan. Here, you get a great sound quality and content selection and music podcasts for you. With the facility to listen to music as well as download them offline, you will get other great features as well.

2. Patari

Starting on our count down with the next one – Patari. It is another streaming platform functioning in Pakistan and have been operating since 2015. It is one of the largest music streaming services in Pakistan.

They have exclusive content and artists that are attached to their platform, so if you use this platform for listening to music, you will have great choices every day. Its plan is free with free app download but ad supported so you might be facing a few glitches while listening to music online.

3. Koyal PK

Here is another music streaming platform with additional features that are quite useful. This platform is different from other but what makes it different? Koyal Pakistan focuses on promoting folk music in all regional languages of Pakistan such as Sindhi, Balochi, Saraiki, Punjabi, Urdu, Pashto, etc. Therefore, they have audience as well as artists from different regions of the country. The wide collection of song and music artist make this platform exclusive from any other, promoting culture and values all over Pakistan.


You’ll have the access to listen music including music videos for offline use via app. The app lets you listen to Mp3 Pakistan Song Free Download on your iOS and android devices. If you want to upload songs of your own, you will have to make a mutual agreement with the company and they get the content uploaded for you. They have wide range of music in individual local languages of Pakistan.

Here, all the Koyal Pakistani Artist who belong to different regions of Pakistan are Zeeshan khan Rokhri, Nazia Iqbal, Gul Panra, Naseebo Lal with their extensive selection of music at Koyal.

4. SoundCloud

Here is the fourth choice of music streaming platform which you have been using quite a long time. This streaming app is great because its free, with wide range of songs plus covers available for you. If you want you can upload songs covers as well as more than 100 million user created tracks here at Soundcloud. However, you cannot download songs to listen to offline.

It great to use when you are using other apps as well at the same time. This is a great platform for people who are Indie music fan. Its basic plan is free but the premium one is paid which has access to some great additional features. This app also lets you stream but not to Download Pakistani Songs.

5. Saavn

In addition to their large music library, you can listen to their online and offline music platforms. You get access to beats music and features that make it easier to discover new music. It is great when you want a casual and no fees experience on a music streaming platform.

If you want the highest quality of soundtracks, you can listen to flat tracks with their individuality. Its library includes more than 15 million songs with more than 24 thousand videos with exclusive content. Songs scan also be downloaded suing their offline feature so that the user can listen to their favorite tracks without internet connection. They have high quality Mp3 music free download system for its users.
Going over the pros and cons of each, you can pick and choose easily keeping in mind your priorities and listing. Surely, there must be many more other music streaming platforms that lets you Download Pakistani Songs, yet there are many more options for you to explore. Depending on the features and songs listing, you can choose what kind of music you want based on your fondness towards it.


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