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Top Traditional Pashto Songs to Rule Pakistani Music

The Pashto culture traces back to Afghanistan. Traditional music is main focus of music produced. The dance moves also play a vital role along with the music. In addition to this, there are many genres in Pashto music. Genre category includes Tappay, Charbeeta, Namkai and Lobha, Badla, and Ghazal and Rubaee. Nonetheless, there can be individual or group performances of the song. Besides these, there is an abundance of traditional Pashto songs.

Music in Pakistan showcases the presence of diverse Pashto musicians. From folk artists to pop composers. Aside from these, Pashto new songs are a unique blend of traditional music, electronic beats, and some elements of pop. Pashto folk music’s revival was made possible thanks to “ Khumariyaan” band. Furthermore, they made new generation of Pashtuns cognizant of the instrument – “Rubab”, rebuilding the traditional music.

Peshawar Zalmi Anthem

Peshawar ZalmiThe song won hearts of millions of fans. Khumariyaan band had created this master piece. For a regional Cricket team, the song was recorded to show support. Peshawar Zalmi Anthem was a fusion of folk music along with international modern music. Moreover, the band has produced various songs for the same team. They believe this to be the best way for promoting Pashtun culture. Furthermore, foreign platforms have also recognized the band.

Besides these, the band consists of just of four members. They focus on both folk and pop genres while making music. Their popularity expands to Ireland, U.S.A., Kenya, and to many others. Ya Qurban , Sheenai, Kouchyan, and Rasha Mama are some other songs by the band.

Starge Da Yaar

Starge Da YaarNazia Iqbal produced this remarkable track in 2012. It is one of the Pashto mp3 songs with monthly 22K+ listeners on Spotify. Furthermore, this folk song is part of Mastey Pegley album. Starge Da Yaar is full of upbeat music and emotions along with amazing vocals of the artist. Apart from this, she has collaborated in other Pashto songs. Kochi Laila, Zara Ba Rake Halaka, and Meena Zindagi da to name a few.

Sta Da Stargo Bala Wakhlama

Sta Da Stargo Bala WakhlamaThe track Sta Da Stargo Bala Wakhlama is trending Pashto song. It was a joint creation of Gulzar Alam, Rabiya Tabbasum and Shehnaz. Additionally, the song consists of Pashto music with meaningful lyrics. It has received about 2.1K+ views on YouTube till now. Therefore, the song reflects perfect music harmony along with the voices of the artists.

Rasha Mama Zwy De Lewany De

Rasha Mama Zwy De Lewany DeIt is the song with about 1M+ views. The singer is no other than Zarsanga – one of Pashto folk legends. Rasha Mama Zwy De Lewany De track has elevated the level of Pakistani music even abroad. What’s more, Durand line and other countries are huge fans of the track. The sweet, harmonious voice of the artist adds all the charm to the song. Hence, songs like these make music lovers hit Pashto mp3 songs download button repeatedly.

Da Stargo Toor

Da Stargo Tora Among others, it is most viewed Pashto video song. Karan Khan– a celebrity among the Pashtun community, is the singer of Da Stargo Tora. The year 2015 had produced this track. It a song from his “Taabeer” Album. It has got 1M+ listeners among other Pashto mp3 songs.

Bas De Zarge Me

Bas De Zarge Me “Bulbul-i-Sarhad” is a title of Mahjabeen Qazalbash. Urdu, Punjabi, Turkish, and Persian languages were under her perfect command. Back in the day, Bas De Zarge Me received an abundance of appreciation. However, her live T.V. performances of the song usually got 11K views. Her other traditional Pashto songs include Da Janan Ghama Mala Sa La Raze, and Tappay Zar Ashna.

Kha Yama

Kha Yama Rahim Shah and Sajjid Khan’s amazing composed Kha Yama. This track is most popular among Pashto new songs. Thus, Pashto video song has got 7.7M views on YouTube alone. Urdu and Punjabi songs have made Rahim Shah popular most. His other compositions consist of Manzil and Tory Stargy.

Awami Attan

Awami Attan

The track, Awami Attan is soothing song for many. An exceptional artist– Naghma had composed this meaningful track. Among Pashto music, it has received 58K views. The artist is a source of inspiration for most as start of her career started with great struggles. Apart from this, the track like others have captured many hearts.

Da Maktab Laley

Da Maktab LaleyPashto music is incomplete without the mention of Da Maktab Laley. The vocalist of the song is Yamee Khan. And the song is traditional folk music (Tappay). Artist’s voice and song’s lyrics have cast a spell over the hearts of the Pashtun community. Thus, the fandom keeps growing, currently the video has 1.3M views. Furthermore, the lyrics tell a tale of immense sadness and invoke powerful feelings.

Nevertheless, the artist has opened the Yamee Studio. New emerging talents have found themselves a platform to soar. His other tracks were immensely appreciated. For instance, Meena, Dilbar, Tappay 2019, and Tappay 2020. So, all these Pashto songs today are among most played tracks of music industry.


The Pashto traditional songs are rich with cultural essence. There are many genres that have elevated Pashto music to new levels. Furthermore, artists like Karan Khan, Zarsanga, Rahim Shah, Naghma, and Gulzar Alam give life to Pashto music. Primarily, Peshawar Zalmi Anthem made some big waves with its upbeat music, immersed with energetic vibes. Secondly, tracks such as Rasha Mama Zwy De Lewany De have lighted up the international platforms as well.

On the other hand, Pashto music lovers keep multiplying in numbers. Apparently, best fan base is found in various areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Therefore, it is not hard to believe that everyone seems crazy about traditional Tappay. Hence, the songs Tappay Zar Ashna, Tory Stargy, and Da Maktab Laley are among most famous Pashto traditional hits of all time.

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