Music Streaming

Facts About Music Streaming Platform

If you did not already know, music streaming apps have gained a boom in the music industry ever since the year 2016. However, it is still influencing the way among music lovers around the globe. Like anything else, music streaming platforms have their positive as well as negative sides. In Pakistan, you will see a number of music streaming apps such as Patari, Deezer, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, etc. All the music apps have some exclusive features that you would not find on any other platform. Well, the rest are the same.

Unlike any other music streaming platform, Koyal Pk is operating from Pakistan and has been working its way to promote music in regional languages such as Siraiki, Pashto, Balochi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, etc.

The content from Koyal Pakistani Artists is hand-selected and controlled. is considered to be a gateway towards a whole new world of Pakistani folk music – the finest melodic encounter. From Sindhi to Hindko, retro music to new mashup songs, classical to rock, and dazzling to spiritual content, there’s something for everyone. Get access to folk artists and music on

List of Pros

1. Paid Music Streaming Apps

Obviously, it’s one way of generating business. Therefore, if you need access to these apps offline, you can simply pay for the subscription and get access to the premium version of it. if you don’t want to pay for it, all you have to do is have internet and listen to your favorite songs online.

2. Paid Music Streaming Apps

Another reason why music streaming apps are doing so much business is that you can simply get access to your favorite artists and support them without any hustle. Just do it by watching their videos over and over again and as your fav artist gets more views and likes, they will get more popularity.

3. Do Not Download Videos

Downloading any streaming music video from the app is not legal. This is because you are not helping your favorite artists by downloading videos. The only way to support your favorite artists is to increase their watch time and watch hours by streaming music videos online via an app or website. Koyal Pak does not just have online streaming but you can download their application and get access to the music fast.

4. A Variety of Music Selection

So, if you are on a music streaming application like Koyal Pak, you get a variety of song selections from different local & regional languages as well as artists from Pakistan. Sometimes, the audience gets bored of listening to similar songs again and again and you need a change in your music taste. Therefore, this is the best place for getting in touch with all news playlists based on your mood, based on artists’ choices, based on music type, and even based on languages.

5. National & Regional Languages is a platform that promotes music in regional languages. You would be amazed in knowing that, you will get to listen to music from regional and local artists of Pakistan. The popular languages that songs are available in are Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto, Siraiki, Hindko, and Urdu.

List of Cons

1. Paid Low

Most of the websites like YouTube or Spotify are paying you a less amount of dollars which is honestly not enough for content creators. Well, music streaming can help you get your creative juices in flow but might make you bankrupt until you get extremely popular.

1. Search Feature on Apps

Even if you have a number of choices to listen to music you like, you still are not able to search for the exact match that you are looking for. This might consume much of your time and sometimes many app users are lost due to low.  
You might see many other Pakistani streaming platforms and depending on your taste and preference, you can choose what you think will go best for you. Koyal PK is one of the Pakistani Song Download Sites for your favorite Koyal Pakistani Artists. Visit the site and witness it yourself.


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