Farhan Ali Waris Nohay Collection

The Rise of Farhan Ali Waris: A Journey of Faith and Inspiration

The music industry is full of spiritual songs too. There are Sufi songs, Naats, Nohay, and Manqabat. Presently, Farhan Ali Waris is a prominent artist in the industry. His career seemed to have progressed quite rapidly. He has now made a big name for himself. What’s more, Nohay by Farhan Ali Waris have charmed many Muslim communities. Fans are quite fond of his powerful vocals.

Furthermore, he has produced vast collection of tracks. Besides, the year 1998 brought “Ali Waris” – his debut album. What’s more, his compositions can be found in Persian, Urdu, English, Punjabi, and Arabic. Thus, Noha Farhan Ali Waris, Baba Main Sakina (Persian) has got 3.2M+ views on YouTube alone. Such creations make his fans press Farhan Ali Waris Nohay mp3 download button often. Additionally, he is now a music sensation.

Moreover, later his fame reached new heights. He has managed to produce 300 tracks in total. His numerous tracks include Farhan Ali Waris Nohay, Naat, and Manqabat. Such tracks strengthen the spiritual connection of his admirers. Also, he has released patriotic songs too. Such amazing songs include, Pakistan Mubarak Ho, and Dil Dil Pakistan.

Naat collection

Naat Collection

The Naat is a religiously heartfelt poetry. It acts as a form of praise to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). And Farhan Ali Waris Naat collection is quite popular world-wide. His Naat, Chalo Chalein Madine came out in 2021 and it has got 2M+ views. The lyrics inspire one to visit the Holy city of Madina often. Moreover, his Naat is also a sincere request to God to call believers like him there. Thus, this composition has received a great deal of appreciation.

Similarly, He released another marvelous composition. His track, Kash Main Doure Payamber came out in 2013, and secured 8M+ hearts. This Farhan Ali Waris Naat finely showcases his soul’s desires. He prays that he could have been born in the Prophet’s (S.A.W.) era. Then, he could fight and be perished in Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.) cause. Otherwise, he wishes to be a piece of decoration. So, he could be used to beautify the shrine of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) at least.

The year 2017 brought the track – Mustafa Ki Nokri. It ranks as the best composition among Islamic music. The lyrics highlight the importance of a Prophet’s (S.A.W.) follower’s duties. Moreover, this Farhan Ali Waris Naat renews the spirit of being faithful follower. It is a very honorable designation. And even Angels would have loved to take up this role. Thus, this track drips glory through its each word.

Treasure chest of Manqabats

Treasure Chest Of Manqabats

Manqabat is another form of poetic expression. It praises the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) household and close companions. Furthermore, it also plays a significant role in the Islamic music. It also encourages the people to go through the history. Thus, Manqabats have also been produced in bulk by renowned Urdu poets. However, Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat elevated their importance in the music industry. The singer is popular due to his emotional touch in his tracks.

Additionally, His most works center around Hazrat Ali (A.S.). The vocalist has produced a large collection of tracks in Hazrat Ali’s (A.S.) praise. Moreover, Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat works include, Ali Ali Mola, and Dharkan Bolay Ali Ali. However, his track – Ali Ali Haider has charmed 4M+ fans out there. Ali’s (A.S.) bravery is embedded in this Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat lyrics. Also, the Prophet (S.A.W.) were unconditionally fond of Ali (A.S.) too.

Likewise, the artist has also celebrated females of the Prophet’s (S.A.W.) household. Therefore, these include Wiladet Bibi Fatima, and Bibi Zehra Ki Hai Rukhsati. However, renowned Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat is Fatima (S.A.) Ek Hai. What’s more, this Manqabat came out in 2021 and captivated 1M+ hearts. Furthermore, this Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat lyrics shed light on the uniqueness of Fatima (A.S.). Farhan Ali Waris declares that she is one of a kind just like the oneness of the Creator.

Various Farhan Ali Waris Nohay

Various Farhan Ali Waris Nohay

The Noha is a form of mourning done through poetry. Through these artistic pieces, vocalists recreate the sacrifices of the saddest era in the Islamic history. Therefore, the battle, the martyrdom, and above all, the suffering in the tragedy of “Karbala”. Nonetheless, internationally recognized are Nohay by Farhan Ali Waris. For instance, Mujhay Kehte Hain Abbas, Sakina (A.S.) Jaan, and Aj Zainab Yateem Ho Gai. These Nohay could drown any heart into a sea of sadness.

Baba Jan – Noha Farhan Ali Waris, has got 48M views. Moreover, the lyrical composition of this track has utmost melancholy. The singer’s powerful vocals create a huge impact on the listeners’ mind. He has perfectly put forward the miserable state of a pleading daughter. The track describes the terrible condition of Bibi Sakina (A.S.) in the prison. Therefore, the lyrics showcase how she was emotionally scarred. For instance, she was also shown her father’s slain head. Thus, Baba Jan is one of those compositions that made many click on Nohay mp3 download link.

Another masterpiece is Mujhe Kehte Hain Abbas. It is among the finest Farhan Ali Waris Nohay. Moreover, it has captured 5M+ hearts on YouTube already. Apart from this, the lyrics clearly depict the brutal murder of Hazrat Abbas (A.S.). The plot turns extreme when Hazrat Abbas (A.S.) was shot in the eye. Even during these terrible times, he (A.S.) only thought of his relatives’ difficult situation. Hence, such powerful narrative power makes people click on Farhan Ali Waris Nohay mp3 download. Thus, it is another must-listen soulful track.

Ramadan Transmissions

Ramzan Transmission

The artist’s religious music treasury is quite vast. However, he continued his spiritual journey through Ramadan transmission as well. In 2021, he has been the host of program, “Baran-e-Rahmat”. The AAJ Entertainment and AJJ News broadcasted the show regularly in Sehr and Iftar timings. However, the show was divided into three segments to line-up different hosts. Therefore, Farhan Ali Waris and Reema were the hosts of Iftar transmission. They were live from Pakistan while Imran Abbas was live from Turkey. Thus, Farhan Ali Waris has also been a host who rejuvenated Ramadan transmissions.



The word literally means “Word of God” in Sufi poetry. Similarly, His “Kalam” is usually compositions rich in spiritual energy. The artist has been seen presenting a variety of his unique Kalams at various Ramadan transmissions. For instance, he recited, Madinay Ka Musafir Hun on 8th of Ramadan, 2022. He was part of live broadcast on A Plus channel. It was another request from the audience like many others. Besides, he has previously recited a Kalam on one of Geo’s Ramadan shows in 2020. Like most of his works, it showcased motherhood’s high status. Thus, many have become familiar with the artist through his soul stirring Kalams.


To conclude, Farhan Ali Waris is a multi-talented artist. He has always been a torch of spiritual reminder for many. His compositions are invaluable addition to the Islamic music. Internationally, he has made his mark with Naats, Nohay, and Manqabats. In terms of Naats, his collection includes Chalo Chalein Madine, and Mustafa Ki Nokri. Besides these, he has brought out golden Manqabats found nowhere else. Therefore, his mesmerizing Manqabats include Ali Ali Mola, Fatima (A.S.) Ek Hai, and Dharkan Bolay Ali Ali. All of these have driven fans crazy over these tracks.

Additionally, He has also released Nohay. He has portrayed the most melancholic scenes of the Karbala in his tracks. For instance, his well-known ones include, Sakina (A.S.), Baba Jan, and Mujhe Kehte Hain Abbas. The artist’s powerful vocals and style has captured many hearts. This is another reason people click on Nohay mp3 download button. Moreover, he has also hosted an Iftar transmission in Ramadan 2021. Nonetheless, his Kalam recited on live shows are no less glorious. Hence, all these reasons have elevated his status in the industry and in his fans’ hearts.

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