Top Trending Pakistani songs on YouTube in 2024

Top Trending Pakistani Songs on YouTube in 2024

The music everywhere is progressing at the speed of light. Similarly, Pakistani music is making big waves too. There are many songs which have shattered the ranking charts time and time again. For instance, Kahani Suno 2.0 and Pasoori are best Pakistani songs. These tracks have got millions of music lovers crazy over them. On YouTube alone, these songs have got about 395M+ and 699M+ views respectively.

Moreover, some tracks have also started to rise up to the surface. Most of these trending songs come from regional music industry. And it is a positive change to see that these songs have made it into best Pakistani songs list. Therefore, the regional songs are able to showcase their powerful traditional music and strong composition skills as well. Thus, music lovers are promoting this enthusiastic musical change.

The new year has brought the new list of trending Pakistani songs. Like many other platforms, YouTube has also released the most awaited list. The following songs make up the top 2024’s list.

Nak Da KokaNak Da Koka


The song Nak Da Koka has taken the top place on YouTube’s list. Malkoo and Sara Altaf recently released this track. It has rapidly become most played Pakistani new song. This Punjabi song has won 18M+ hearts already. The music is upbeat and thus up to the taste of new generation of music lovers. What’s more, even the official music video conveys the village lifestyle in pure simplicity. Malkoo’s other popular hits include Mehndi, Challa, Kala Chashma and so on.

Je Pata Hunda

Jee Pata Hunda

Nimra Shabbir Mehra is an emerging voice in Pakistani music industry. She rose to fame due to her track, Tu Subhu Di Paak Hawa Warga. Currently, the track has earned about 40M music lovers. She sings songs of Indian Pop genre. Moreover, she used to sing a lot of original soundtracks of Pakistani dramas. On the other hand, her best hits include Yaar Mod Dey, Tu Zindabad Hai Pakistan, and Je Pata Hunda.

Furthermore, Je Pata Hunda is another Punjabi song which made it into trending music this year. Nimra Mehra’s melancholic track has already stolen 3.6M+ hearts. This track is creatively composed and has best pop music. Moreover, the vocalist’s deep vocals have given the song another added charm. This Pakistani new song came out just recently in 2023. Thus, it is convenient to say that the song resonates well with its listeners.

Hik Dien Hosi Mera Dawa Hai

Hik Dien Hosi Mera Dawa Hai

This song is part of the album, “Dosti Ki Jiye”. It was released in 2021 and Mujahid Mansoor Malangi sang this renowned song. Hik Dien Hosi Mera Dawa Hai is one of the TikTok trending songs. Therefore, it has now won over 28M+ viewers on YouTube. Due to the song’s mesmerizing composition and artist’s clear voice, the song has entered this list of trending Pakistani songs. Dhaar Pe Gai, Dar Dar Tey Faqirana, and Patla Nafees Jia Dhola make up the list of his other hit songs.

Aey Dour Nai Wafa Da

Ae Daur Nai Wafa De

This Saraiki song is one of the Pakistani songs which made it into YouTube list. It showcases amazing vocals of Sonia khan, Ansaar Khan, and Ibrar Khan. What’s more, its fandom has exceeded to 13M+ views since its release in 2022. Furthermore, it is one of the finest Pakistani audio songs produced by Thar Production. Aey Dour Nai Wafa Da is a great way to promote regional culture through Pakistani songs.

Mundri (Boliyan)


Rizwan Sohna and Shama Hashmi produced this song in 2022. The song made its place into best Pakistani songs category too. Presently, it has gathered 4.7M+ views in its fandom. The song is overflowing with Shama Hashmi’s powerful singing. Additionally, Mundri is made more merrier through Rizwan Sohna’s remarkable vocals blended in the music. The duo has released another creative Pakistani new song, Ik Waari Aa Ta Sahi Tenu Haal Sunawaren Hin.

Ghar Meday Tun Aaveen

Ghara Medan Tu Aawein

This song came out in 2021. And this track, Ghar Meday Tun Aaveen is trending music. Nonetheless, it is one of the famous Pakistani songs to have crossed 12M+ views. This masterpiece is the combined creation of Sheikh Ali Ahmed Chinyoti and Sadia Sisters. It is an upbeat Saraiki song. The trio has managed to blend their voices perfectly in this song. Thus, it is another Saraiki track found in this trending Pakistani songs list.

Tu Bewafa

Tu Bewafa

The folk singer– Naseebo Lal brought this trending music out in public. It is quite melancholic song that showcases a betrayal and lays out an emotional tale. It has received a lot of praise due to its impressive lyrics and innovative official music video. Thus, Tu Bewafa has melted the hearts of 6.2M+ fans. Ali Faraz and Naseebo Lal collaborated in this Punjabi song. Therefore, it ranks second among TikTok trending songs out there.

Sajan Das Na

Sajan Das Na

The year 2022 brought forth this song, Sajan Das Na. The duo, Atif Aslam and Momina Mustehsan performed this song through Coke Studio’s platform. What’s more, the song made it into trending Pakistani songs category. Currently, the song rules over 16M+ hearts. It is a meticulous Punjabi track about deep compassion and a long-distance relationship. The track conveys how two lovers desperately want to see each other. But the distance is the villain in their charming love story. Another Momina Mustehsan’s Uchiyaan Dewaraan is also quite popular song.


A sensational track among Pakistani songs is Baari indeed. This glorious song combines the voices of Momina Mustehsan and Bilal Saeed. Moreover, this melodious song came out in 2019. However, still a lot of fans visit Pakistani songs mp3 download sites to download the song. Thus, it is no wonder that it has secured 183M+ music lovers. The song is a romantic ballad beautifully delivered. Baari is shining on other platforms too, therefore it is also one of the TikTok trending songs.

Tu Vichran Vichran Karni

Tu Vichran Karni HAi

This Pakistani old song came out in 2004. Tu Vichran Vichran Karni is part of the album, “Sayoni Mere Dil Da Jani”. Furthermore, Naseebo Lal sang this track in her deeply mesmerizing voice. Thus, this classic Punjabi song has already earned 34M+ views on YouTube, Thus, it has been made part of this list of top Pakistani songs. In addition to this, Mildi Aye Mahiya Ek War, Naina, and Muka Gaya Ae O Pyar are Naseebo Lal’s best tracks as well.


In conclusion, the Pakistani songs are making huge waves even today. The list of top trending songs has been updated by YouTube. And surprisingly, the list has a lot of great regional songs as well. At the top resides, Malkoo’s upbeat Punjabi song, Nak Da Koka. Next is extremely emotional Nimra Mehra’s track, Jee Pata Hunda. Moreover, Hik Dien Hosi Mera Dawa Hai, Tu Bewafaa, and Baari are TikTok trending songs in this list.

Furthermore, some Saraiki songs have also taken the central stage this year. For instance, Aey Dour Nai Wafa Da, and Ghar Meday Tu Aaveen are Thar Production’s powerful tracks. Besides these, Mundri is another emerging track, gaining rapid popularity. Nonetheless, Sajan Das Na is new widely downloaded song on Pakistani songs mp3 download sites. Finally, the list concludes with Naseebo Lal’s Tu Vichran Vichran Karni. All these songs have got millions of views and brilliant compositions.

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