Ramadan Naat Shareef

Beautiful Naat Sharif Playlist for Ramadan in 2024

The month of Ramadan is upon us. It is the time to build a strong connection to Allah SWT. And observe our religious duties as vigilantly as possible. So, this blog lists finest Naat Sharif out there. To strengthen the spiritual connection, here are Naat Sharif all beautiful and powerful in composition. It is well-known that listening improves learning more than other senses. So, listen and share melodious Naats that scream Ramadan Mubarak. This is how one good act leads to another.

What’s more, usually Pakistani people are quite fond of Naats. It is a culturally embedded element of the society. Therefore, many listeners also click Naat Sharif mp3 download button often. Besides this, Naats serve as reminders to send blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Moreover, the month of blessings is probably the best time to plug in Ramadan Naats. Here is the list of amazing Naats for your Ramadan playlist.

Hasbi Rabbi

The concept of Naat originated in the land of Arabia. However, it has quickly taken over Pakistani culture. This is why reciting Naats was more of a hobby than a profession. Although, now there are many Naat Khawan (reciters) out there. More astonishingly, now even young artists are rapidly increasing. One such wonderful vocalist is Ayaat Arif. She is famous for reciting Urdu Naat Sharif. She is rapidly gaining popularity through her serene youthful vocals.

What’s more, she gets millions of views on each of her videos. Yet, her Urdu Naat Sharif – Hasbi Rabbi has won over 775M+ views. This viewership is considered to be largest one ever recorded on any Naat content. Nonetheless, the artist has also brought out one of the best Ramadan Naats – Ramzan Mera Mehman as well. Besides this, her other works include, Pyarey Aaqa Aye, and Ae Khatm E Rasul Makki Madani.

Dil Ko Kasa Bana K Mango

Nimra Mehra rose to fame through her debut song in 2016. After that, she has produced a lot of Naats as well as Punjab tracks. However, she released another astonishing Naat.  Her new Naat SharifDil Ko Kasa Bana K Mango came out in the last year. This Naat advises believers to make sincere prayers. For instance, pray like a child who begs for a candy with all teary eyes. The record label, “Ibadat” produced this beautiful composition.

Goror Makra Insana

Goror makra insana is quite a serene Naat. The duo – Muhammad Zohaib and Bilal Hamza brought out this fine composition. This Pashto Naat Sharif has got 2M+ views already on YouTube. It came out in 2020. The Naat showcases perfect synchronization between both the vocalists. Thus, anyone who is fond of Naats should download this Naat Sharif mp3 file for Ramadan. What’s more, it has no background music but just the echo that serves as the background music.

Dekhny Ko Ya Muhammad

Another young artist has brought this Naat out. Sibtain Haider is also young and quite popular as Ayaat Arif. Most of his works include Naat Sharif all powerful and diverse in composition. Dekhny Ko Ya Muhammad has gathered 1.5M+ views within the span of a year. Moreover, the sturdy vocals of the artist make it one of the best Ramadan Naats. His other works include, Nabi Ki Eid Ai Hai, Hath Rakh Nabi Di, and so on.

Menu Charaya Nabi Da Rang

This beautiful Naat is the work of Naseebo Lal. She has produced this finest Punjabi Naat Sharif in her mesmerizing shrill voice. Moreover, because of such amazing work, the official video has won over 502K+ hearts out there. Additionally, Menu Charaya Nabi Da Rang came out in 2018. It was released on the occasion of Rabi-Ul-Awal. There is an incorporation of traditional background music accompanied by the high-pitched vocals of the artist. All these features make fans click on Naat Sharif download button quite frequently. As this Naat is also lively and full of life.

Balaghal Ul Bi Kamalihi

It is a famous work, originally recited by Sabri Brothers. However, Jibran Ali Baltistani brought out Balaghal Ul Bi Kamalihi. He is another young gem among other Naat reciters. What’s more, this is a New Naat Sharif, recently produced by the artist. The artist beautifully recited this rendition in his young, soothing and charming vocals. Thus, such works can make Naat Sharif mp3 download sites easily crowded. Besides this, it also shows that Pakistan is a land of many talented young ones.

Jabrail La Nan Mala Janan Rawala

A talented young artist brought out this Naat. Ameer Maviya Mashoom have captured 1M+ hearts through his work. This Pashto Naat Sharif came out recently in 2022. Moreover, the Naat is like nectar to the ears. And it is vital to note that there is no background music as well. The composition is full of lively lyrics, delivered with great care. The artist is a fine reciter which evident through his breath-taking vocals.

Ya Nabi

Shahzadi Iram Sial is a Pakistani singer. She composes tracks in both Saraiki and Punjabi languages. Her expertise lies in the Ghazal genre. Her tracks include, Dhamaal, Rohi Yaad Karendi, Pardesi Dhola, and Uchi Pahari. However, her top track is Chiknay Da Chola with 4.6M+ views. Moreover, she has also released some refreshing Naat that wishes Ramadan Mubarak. For instance, Ramazan Aaye, and Ya Nabi both leave a spiritual impact on its listeners.

What’s more, Iram Sial’s works are quite expressive. Her songs are also known for leaving a permanent mark on one’s memory. Unlike her other works, Ya Nabi was released for welcoming Ramadan of 2019. The enchanting tune and artist’s soft vocals are what makes this Naat Sharif quite lively. Unique compositions like these could brighten any playlist. Thus, fans can add this Naat Sharif audio to their playlist to listen to it on repeat.

Tu Kuja Man Kuja

No one can deny the fact that Tu Kuja Man Kuja has always been on the play. Which has made it ones of the most listened and played Naat Sharifs. Every person in the nation is familiar with its lyrics and rhythm. And majority of Naat reciters have produced a rendition of this Naat. However, Baltistani Sisters have released slightly different version of Tu Kuja Man Kuja. This Urdu Naat Sharif was performed in the serene vocals of all three female singers. Thus, it appeals to the ears in a way that one could keep playing it on repeat.

Mithi Madni Kiwein Rang Laya

Farhan Ali Qadri has brought out this Naat Sharif. There is a chorus that serves as the constant background music in this Punjabi Naat Sharif. Moreover, it has captured 385K+ hearts of Naat listeners out there. The young artist has used his soft vocals in Mithi Madni Kiwein Rang Laya. Additionally, such compositions overflowing with emotions make fans go to Naat Sharif download sites. Farhan Ali Qadri has also released many other religious tracks as well.


To conclude, the month of blessings is upon us. It is a golden chance to enhance our faith in God. Moreover, what better way to remember God than listening to Naats when one is physically unable to worship. This blog lists some Naat Sharif best suited for any Ramadan playlist. Furthermore, a lot of Naat Sharif are found in Urdu. For instance, Hasbi Rabbi, Dil Ko Kasa Bana K Mango, Ya Nabi and Dekhnay Ko Ya Muhammad are diamonds in Urdu collection. Some Naat Sharif audio files could be played multiple of times. Such gems include Balaghal Ul Bi Kamalihi, and Tu Kunja and Man Kunja Naats.

What’s more, even Punjabi and Pashto Naat Sharif have remarkable works too. In case of Pashto Naats, these have unique style of composition. Therefore, Goror makra insnaya and Jabrail la nan mala janan rawala do not have any background music yet are amazing works. On the contrary, Punjabi Naats are highly spirited. The finest works are Menu Charaya Nabi Da Rang, and Mithi Madni Kiwein Rang Laya. These Naat Sharif mp3 recommendations could complete any Naat lover’s playlist. Some of these works are truly priceless.

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