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Top 3 No-Ads Music Streaming Apps in Pakistan!


Since the internet has got cheaper and there has been free Wi-Fi at pumps, people are now listening to music online rather than downloading it and keeping a huge list of their favorite songs on their phones. People are now switching to online music streaming apps in Pakistan rather than downloading them. This article is region-oriented and streamed best for Pakistani users.

However, one discouraging thing about these free platforms is that you get to see a number of pop-up ads on your smart devices. Especially, if you have ever streamed music on one of the famous music streaming apps; Spotify, you will know how annoying it can get sometimes.

Pondering on this issue, the articles give you the top three music streaming platforms that are not going to bother you by showing ads again and again. Most importantly, these music streaming apps will give you a huge variety of songs and every platform has one unique feature that you will know as you read further on to this blog.

Starting with the first one…

1. Koyal.Pk

Yes, number one on the list is Koyal Pakistan. This is the top favorite platform among people living in Pakistan. The important feature that attracts brings everyone to this platform every time is that music streaming is available in seven local and widely spoken languages of Pakistan. These languages include Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi, Hindko, Pashto, Balochi, and definitely Urdu.

You listen to all Pakistani Urdu Artists songs while streaming on Koyal PK. This platform has got its own personalized application for the app store. So, you don’t have to worry about navigating Koyal PAK into your browser. You can simply download this Music Streaming App in Pakistan, and stream music anytime, every time. Usually, all the streaming apps are Hindi-song oriented but this app is Urdu song-oriented.

Most importantly, its feature of not showing any ads will get you a smooth and carefree streaming experience. You have search engine options here in this app for all the popular latest and frequently streamed mp3 songs in this app. You can also download mo3 songs from this platform by paying a minimal fee which is extremely affordable for everyone that anybody at any time can download the music and listen to offline. This is Pakistani oriented platform so you get content specially produced in Pakistan by local Pakistani Artists.

2. InSound – Music Online

This app is popular because of its search engine. You might forget a song but remember a few words from the whole song, you just need to type that and you will see a number of options listed below. It works more or less like Google. Even if you type a spelling wrong, it is going to catch that as well and will show you in the results.

The InSound – Online Music Streaming App is the best if you are a Bollywood fan. It’s functional in Pakistan but for people who keep a taste in listening to music online. You don’t need to sign in or login or create an account for Indian Music Live Streaming. On top of that, this application will show you no-ads while streaming music online.

3. Hungama – Online Music Streaming App

This is one of the initial music streaming apps when people were not much into streaming music online and more into downloading mo3 songs. If you talk about the sound quality of this app then you need to know that it is great for people who like to listen to music with higher bass. This app is also for Bollywood music lovers and if you are one of them, then what are you waiting for? Just stream into mp3 songs or download music to listen offline. You get a fully-fledged smooth streaming user experience from the Hungama app.


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