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4 Platforms To Submit Your Music Online

In this blog, we are going to talk about 5 blogs to that you may submit your music videos or blogs. In the current music industry, listeners are trying to have a deeper connection with the musicians in their playlist. They are more inclined to blogs that talk about local artists, their music, and their life-long story. This either motivates them to make music as well as in overall life.

The blogs that we are going to talk about later in this article have much more potential to tap the market and get funds for music. This is how you can get more reach since these websites have traffic and people in a larger amount visit these music streaming blogs on an everyday basis. So, here are five music blogs that you can submit your music to and submit into their playlist for free.


This is a place where you can submit your music and make your very own original playlist. All you need to do is to go to their website contact us page. Put in your basic information. Make sure to add a link in the description box instead of adding physical audio files since downloading takes time. This makes it easier for them to listen and evaluate your audio and upload it online to their playlist.

     2. Koyal PK

The next platform is Koyal Pk. Here, you can add music tracks by signing a contract with them. The great thing about this platform is that it promotes local and regional languages but is only operating in Pakistan.

So, if you belong to this region you might want to check out their streaming platform and upload your music to their website. Know more about this platform by contacting them at their customer support. Download Pakistani songs here in more than five different regional and local languages with a huge Pakistani Artist fanbase.


This is a place to discover new music and new playlist in every genre. If you want to submit your blog, you can find your contact page and submit your music audio. You can also share the link of the file to make it easier for people who are evaluating your music playlist on the basis of the guidelines provided to them.


This website is solely rap genre-based. So, if you have an interest in rap music mp3 download, are a rap fan, or compose rap music then this is a must place for you to visit. Just make your profile and start uploading your music online. Create your very own playlist and start sharing links with your friends today. Listen to more mp3 music online here!


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