The 5 Ultimate Rules of Being A successful Artist!

The 5 Ultimate Rules of Being A successful Artist!

What does it mean to be an artist? Being an artist means, you have to be a musician, a singer, a creator, a songwriter, and a director, you need to have your own YouTube channel managed as well as are required to sell your music to streaming platforms such as, you need to be a producer sometimes too and the list goes on and on just to be an artist. It is not an easy balance.

However, in this blog, you will learn 5 rules of being a successful artist if you want to pursue a balance in your professional life. So, lets’ get started…

Rule #1: Comparison Is Not A Key

The foremost thing to keep in mind is to not compare yourself as an artist with any other person. Everyone has their own journey and faces different sets of troubles. On top of that, you don’t know the position of the person you are comparing yourself to. The other person is definitely going through a loop of negativity stuck in their head.

Comparison Is Not A Key

For you, it can be a downward spiral in your head. Remember, this is your journey towards becoming an artist, there is no point in comparing yourself to others.

Rule #2: Not A Destination But A Long Journey

We get so caught up in getting to a certain place that we somehow forget to enjoy what is happening around us. We get so much anxious about the destination and miss out on so much while achieving all those goals.

Not A Destination But A Long JourneyMoreover, the problem with this mentality of achieving ‘the destination’ is that it never comes. No matter whether you want to be a celebrity or a doctor if you are living a miserable life working day and night and you think that you will have all the fun later on once the destination is achieved, you are wrong. The more you get, the urge to have more will never leave you.

Rule #3: Don’t Give People Hard Time

Don’t Give People Hard Time

It takes a very long amount of time to build a reputation but it takes a shorter time to knock that reputation out. People need you; this industry needs you. When it comes to this rule, you never know who you are working with. You never know, the person you are giving hard time can turn out to be your biggest resource or producer in the future. So, try to be nice to everyone. Help everyone because this will ultimately turn out on you.

Rule #4: Play Every Day

The best advice for musicians or artists for a long-term and successful career is to play their best gig every day. This is because if you are the best then it’s good but if you are better than everybody else then it is a selling point. It’s your USP.

Play Every Day

If you want to be one of the persons everyone should respect and be like you then first you need to be respectful towards your ambition. You need to be playing every day. There is more chance that you will improve or you will get better. People will see those opportunities will arise.

Rule # 5: Gigs Are Reputation Builders

Gigs Are Reputation Builders

Play like this is the biggest gig of your life. Last but not least, whatever you do or whoever you work with, do the best job that you can. Give your 100%. Whether you are working with a big producer or any singer at the bar, you need to give your best so that people remember you like that.  Since reputation is built fast and everyone will see if you are putting your maximum into a job or not. That goes a long way in giving you a successful career. Hope this article would give you enough piece of information. Happy singing!


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