Identity Vision and Intention

Identity Vision and Intention – The Simple IVI Formula For Every Artist

Most of the people in the music industry are immensely talented yet they are not able to fully use their ability in whatever art they are good at. this is the major problem with every other artist and luckily researchers have figured out the formula of IVI and now they are able to In this blog, you are going to learn about your identity, your vision, and your intention as an artist. Let’s break it one by one and try to figure out what this terminology IVI (Identity, Vision, and Intention) actually means…

      1. Identity

Who are you? Identity basically means your background, where you come from, or what is your point of view.  However, this can have. There are a lot of different aspects to it. usually, people think about ‘identity’ as putting on some sort of disguise, while this is not what it actually means.

Everything you say or you think should come from within. Moreover, there is no person on earth who has a similar vision to yours. Therefore, identity should be exclusive and would not repeat from person to person.

All the popular stars have a visual identity or might have a personal identity and would be completely excluded from one another. Having an interesting backstory gives you a different identity in the music industry and that can be interesting as well since it tells you who you are.

One of the exercises that you really need to try out today as an artist is to think of an artist you think you are similar to. Now again, think of another artist to who you think you are not quite similar yet there are some characteristics that follow your personality.

So now, you have two personalities on your mind; one you are similar to in so many ways, another one you are not similar to but still could have one or two abilities that are the same.

What you need to do now is to formulate a different personality by merging all the characteristics of that personality and think of it as you. If this fits fine in your mind, congratulations, you have figured out who you are!

     2. Vision

Do you know what steps an artist takes to have a vision in their mind? If you look at your favorite artists, each one of them must have a clear vision of their art. They are not meaningless individuals, who are going out, play, and compose music every day.

Vision tells you what you are trying to accomplish and what motive you have regarding your life or your music. One way to do this is to think long-term while focusing on the current situation. This means, that if you are planning to release your first album, try planning your second and third album even before the release of your first album.

     3. Intention

Most of the time intention is about really deciding what kind of emotion you are trying to put into your music. Are you angry? Are you sensual? Do you feel sad today or you‘d like to party? Well, that totally depends on your intention towards making music.

Having an intention actually helps you to move and convey your message to your audience. With the artist’s intention to help the audience reach the emotions they are trying to portray in their music, people pick up the vibe and this is when your music gets popular.


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