Top 5 Trending Pakistani Songs in 2023 on YouTube

Top 5 Trending Pakistani Songs in 2023 on YouTube

Trending Pakistani songs? Well, they have always topped the world finest music to be very honest. Music knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to famous Pakistani songs – always trending with some new releases. It is true that Most of the times, a song just pop right into someone’s ear and within a week, it gets so popular that anywhere you go, you may listen to it. Same thing happens usually in Pakistan as well. However, people have become used to listening new and trendy songs, yet some songs get their fame after a long time. Nowadays, no famous singer people actually love. What most of all love is the art, and that can be produced by any singer! That’s the criteria which has been set through the YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and other music platforms to appreciate and recognize the top trending songs in Pakistan by artists.

With diversified culture of this country, we get to listen the most famous Pakistani songs from different cultures as well. Some of those top trending songs in Pakistan are produced with a cultural story; whereas, some of them are sung to entertain the audience. It’s true that the trends for music in Pakistan is never constant. It’s evolving and constantly changing. Which is what we are going to describe in this blog as well – the 5 top trending Pakistani songs. As you lastly have been seeing, YouTube and all the other social media platforms were really crowded with Mumtaz Molai cultural song, “Hum Sindh k Rehnay walay Sindhi”. However, we can’t just ignore the thriving reach of Kaifi Khalil as well through his song, “Kahani Suno 2.0”. But are they still thriving as the top trending songs over the YouTube? That’s the gap we will fill through this blog.

1. Kahani Suno 2.0 – Kaifi Khalil

Yes, you read it right. It was not released in 2023, but Kaifi really got the worldwide recognition in early 2023 through this song. Guess why this song is listed amongst the top trending songs in Pakistan? Well, every single line describes the pain and tragedy he went through while being in love. Which ends up making it one of the most famous songs all over the world. And then the voice, melody and every lyric seem like knocking at the hearts of the sect of broken people. Kaifi appears to have mastered the art of expressing his emotion to the utmost level. Kaifi says,

“… humesha koshish karunga ap sub k liye k humesha liktha rahun jo main
mehsos karta hon ap sub k liye Love you all my broken homies.”

Of course, as one of the famous Pakistani songs, this really hits the broken people who have been failure in getting their beloved. The sadistic yet kind of spellbinding voice of his really attracts the listener to lend an ear over his song. No matter, where in the world he is singing. A true art, which is still shining in Top 5 Trending Pakistani Songs in 2023.

2. Hum Sindh Main Rehne Wale Sindhi – Mumtaz Molai

It has only been three months and this song is known for its reality of Sindhi people being hospital and nice to all the ones who visit them. Usually, his songs are one of the famous Pakistani songs in Sindhi society which makes Mumtaz Molai the King of Sindhi music as he has always played his songs in Sindhi. Most of his songs are expressing Sindhi culture, but this one really made a place in the hearts of whole Pakistani People. As a result, it got enlisted as one of the top trending songs in Pakistan.

On a recent visit at MobiTising, Mumtaz Molai expressed his true gratitude to the team for controlling his medias all over the globe. He was congratulated and further allowed his songs to be shared on as token of gratitude.

Over an interview on his song, someone questioned him how came his song become one of the top trending Pakistani songs after the day it was released and he only replied it with a simple answer.

“I descried the true, nice and hospitality of Sindhi people. Whoever comes to me,
I will treat him with the Palla Machli at the Indus River’s corner. And that goes to all of the Ary Team as well.”

3. Coke Studio | Season 14 | Pasoori | Ali Sethi x Shae Gill

The mixture of two biggest languages of Pakistan – Urdu and Punjabi make this song still the most favorable choices. Which makes it stand between the top 5 trending Pakistani songs in 2023. It is true that this song released almost one year ago and has been staying on the top. It is melodious, it lovely, it’s charming. And the best thing about this song is it is sung in two biggest languages, Urdu and Sindhi. Which makes it one of the most famous Pakistani songs.

One fan wrote on Twitter about the song, “The duo of Ali Sethi and Shae Gill is so good to hear!
Smooth voices with amazing music! Pasoori is a complete package.” Another exclaimed,
“This song is nothing but pure joy. Ali Sethi [has] such a soothing voice. The set and the music video are just so fantastic.”

– Lines quoted from The Express Tribune

4. Coke Studio | Season 14 | Tu Jhoom | Naseebo Lal x Abida Parveen

The cultural dance with this utmost stylistic ghazal, raag and the amalgamation of classic music gives the real soothing pleasures to the listeners. One of this top trending Pakistani songs in 2023 made it waves over the internet which convinced Bollywood diva Parineeti Chopra crooned Sufi legend Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal’s ‘Coke Studio’ chart-topper ‘Tu Jhoom’ in her latest Instagram post. (Ary News)

Not to mention that Naseebo Lal and Abida Parveen are the living legends of Pakistani and people honestly not only recognized their arts in Pakistan but also all around the globe decorated with music. And this showcases the power of one of the top trending songs in Pakistan sung by our regional living legends. Whether it’s pop music or classic, her sprinkles spread a unique taste of ghazal and Sufi like song which leave all the audience surprised.

“I have not heard this song before & have no idea what they are singing about
but I’ve been sitting here for the last 25 minutes crying my eyes out!”

Said Shaniera Akram while paying tribute to Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal for their amazing singing talent. (GEO Tv)

5. Hasya Nai Main | Zeeshan Rokhri – Latest Song | Rokhri Production

It has been only three weeks, and Hasya Nai Main has made its place amongst the 5 top trending Pakistani songs in 2023. Not only that, it has been creating happenings as the top trending songs in Pakistan #2 over the world songs ranking on YouTube. Isn’t it so great? Well, that something which really made Zeeshan Rokhri a singer of his own class.

With more than 2M views only in 2 weeks and still residing amongst the top grossing songs. Just look at the criteria. This is the song which just a regional artist has vocalized but now made a place in the world’s trending Pakistani songs due to his classy voice. He has transformed into the true singer who creates void through his Punjabi and Saraiki vocals.

The Final Words

As we have discussed the 5 top trending Pakistani songs in 2023, you might have an idea how things are happenings around the musical world. The dynamic music landscape of Pakistan has never been away to surprise the world. Which is why, most of the Pakistani songs are always up as, “the top trending songs of Pakistan” even on the YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and more.

We have discussed most of the top trending songs in Pakistan. And the following one is still something which people call legendary track. “Kahani Suno 2.0 by Kaifi Khalil”, describing the true heart-broken story which he himself claimed to sing for the people-of-broken-sect. Preceding Kahani Suno, we have another song which has become as one of the most famous Pakistani songs, “Hum Sindh Me Rehnay Walay Sindhi by Mumtaz Molai” which really went viral right after the second day it released. Then we have mentioned, “Pasoori by Ali Sethi x Shae Gill”, “Tu Jhoom by Naseebo Lal x Abida Parveen”, and the latest song of Zeeshan Rokhri, “Hasya Nai Main” which are really the nicest tracks of all.

In conclusion, these are really he songs which are constantly making happenings online. Ranking on the YouTube #2, #3, and even #1, these trending songs in Pakistan are really something to consider. Legends like Abida Parveen, Mumtaz Molai, Naseebo Lal, and Zeeshan Khan Rokhri have already become well-known to the regional communities. They are the living legends of Pakistani local, folk, and regional music representing Pakistani culture. However, Kaifi Khalil is a prodigy uprising through his heart touching vocals which has really surprised the whole world. Not just him, Ali Sethi and Shae Gill are also making their own significance over the top trending Pakistani songs which people can clearly see through their achievement of Pasoori sung at Coke Studio.

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